Jan 4, 2010

Christmas Eve at the Todd's

How does it always go from this:

TO THIS, in zero flat:

So we always have a themed Christmas Eve bash at my parents. Can you guess the theme for this year?

April & Wes took a different approach to the theme (go Raiders):

and the best photo of the night (poor) little Ryan...

We did eventually pull out the scriptures and read (& act) the nativity scene. Ella was LOVING being Mary...she took it VERY seriously for a 3 yr. old and insisted we call her Mary, not Ella, for about an hour.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Todd's:

Check out my sisters blog for more details & pics:


  1. You are such a fun bunch. I wish I had your energy. I'm going to do that theme thing somewhere, somehow, for one of our gatherings.
    Happy New Year, you're the best!

  2. Love the outfits!!! HaHa!! Can I just say 'Poor Ryan'!! What a fun Christmas Eve tradition!!