Aug 13, 2008

Princess Ella & the Bum

My best friend Heather was ever so nice to get Ella a little Cinderella Princess Dress up kit and as you can see the only problem now is getting her OUT OF IT!! She loves it and runs around the house (we even let her wear it out once: I know W.T.)...and she sings along to her Princess Sing-A-Long DVD. Thanks Heather, it will be nice to have when baby brother comes along...

Another fun thing to do around our house is to weigh ourselves (said with sarcasm of course)! But Ella was trying to go potty (thus why her pants were off) and then suddenly decided she needed to weigh I thought these pictures were too funny and cute to pass up (sorry if anyone is offended by a 2 yr. old bare bum).

Aug 7, 2008

HAWAII--Early 90's..Drill Team...Remember?

Ok so Ned and I have been cleaning out the house (making extra room for baby...) and yes we went through some pictures as well! I about died when I found these pictures and can’t believe I am actually blogging them (for my sake) but just thought it was too great, remembering these days, not to blog them.

Jileen, Jennifer, and Jamie will remember well our Hawaii trip. Our drill team (dance, pep squad) in Jr. High performed at the Aloha Bowl one winter. We were either 7th or 8th graders. So we were gone for Christmas and went to Hawaii to perform and have fun in Hawaii. We thought we were SO COOL (as you can see we weren’t) posing with the football players, and dressing much older than we thought we were. Still I just think it’s hilarious. Especially since I have been friends with these girls since 6th grade (or longer...) and we are all still friends today. Anyway this ones for you girls!