Jul 25, 2010

It's a GIRL! Peyton Jane Aleman

So my sister FINALLY had her baby and we were all just waiting to find out WHAT she was having, well ITS A GIRL! LITTLE Miss Peyton! She was so so tiny and had the smallest little head and features ever! She is such a doll. So congrats April & Wes. We love her already!

Jul 24, 2010

April & Wes LEFT to the hospital 1 hour ago!!

So about an hour ago April & Wes left our house to have their baby...FINALLY! It was cute when the hospital finally called, Wes got so excited he was running around the house, couldn't find his keys, and was so excited. They are SO cute and we are so excited to finally have our COUSIN IT, not be an IT any longer!

Jul 5, 2010

MY JUNE UPDATE.... its been a while

6 Year Anniversary Weekend
Went to Vegas (BLAH!) and saw Cirque du Soleil- Beatles/Love...fun! Ate to our hearts content! And enjoyed some down time without the kids.

LA for another game show audition
Mom's 51st B-day
Buca di Peppo...YUM!
April's Baby Shower
My baby sister is due with her first baby (they are NOT finding out what sex) and we had a little church baby shower at my house for her, it is so exciting!
My kids first REAL full movie. Asher loved it and is obsessed with Buzz now!