Jan 15, 2013

Disney Cruise HERE WE COME!

So this is a BIG announcement for our family.  Something we have only dreamed about.
We are going on a DISNEY CRUISE! 7 day/6 night Caribbean. What!?!
I really can't even believe I am saying that (I know some of you are probably laughing at how cheesy that is or sounds, but to us we never thought this would be possible).
It all started a few years ago when Ned got it into his head that he wanted to go on a Disney Cruise or Disney World. I just thought it was a fleeting thought and never thought much about it, just kinda blew him off. Well the last few years we looked into it and it just wasn't plausible.

Well this year we wanted to do a big vacation for "us" (Ned & I) and things just didn't work the way we had planned.  So lucky for us we decided to really check out the cruise idea. We found that kids cruise FREE in Jan & Feb this year and we had almost half our trips cost saved on rewards points from our credit card!  So the whole trip (flight, Marriott Hotel, AND the cruise (including ALL food, activities, etc) would be about the same price we budgeted for "our" vacation.  And what an opportunity to bond with our little ones and spend this time together with them.
So we did it. We booked the cruise!  We were kinda in shock.  But have your ever taking someone to Disneyland for their first visit EVER.  Are your just giddy with excitement for them.  Well that is how Ned and I have been for the last week knowing we are taking these 2 kiddos (Tate will stay with my LOVELY, WONDERFUL mother in-law, who I trust with my life.  It will be hard leaving him, but knowing he is in good GREAT hands leaves us a little more worry free to enjoy everything!  FOOD! SWIMMING! FOOD! SHOWS! FOOD! RELAXING! FOOD! ACTIVITIES! FOOD! (Kids club all day).

 Yes there is a water slide and a movie screen on the pool deck.

Ella was SO excited when she got home from school.  She got out this board and drew a picture of us flying (they have never been on an airplane) and then us on the cruise ship (she has a princess hat on)!

I was trying to get pictures of the kids SO excited looking online at all we get to do, but instead captured a chunky baby smiling at me wherever I went!  I CAN EAT HIM UP ALL DAY!

Telling the kids...they didn't get it right away, but eventually got the idea...and squeals ensued (even the kids).

Ella's last words last night, "Well thanks for telling us mom (in a very sarcastic voice) now I REALLY wont be able to sleep!)

Jan 3, 2013

Rascal Baby

So my baby who doesn't even officially crawl yet (army crawl is sufficient for him).

Well today he decided after NEVER crawling up a single stair step that while mom ran to check on dinner he would just do the whole dang staircase. So asher yells mom Tate's up the stairs. What?! It didn't even click. I run around to see him more than halfway up!

Needless to say we ran to Wally World to get a new baby gate ASAP. I guess baby #3 is going to give me a run for my money.

Here we go...(ps sorry for the horrid pictures, they are from the video Ella took)