Jun 14, 2014

Moving On...new adventures

So I have been BEYOND busy I haven't had time to do much of anything (or at least that's what it feels like).  But I thought I better come on here to official announce:


It has been a super interesting road getting here but we feel like we are going to where we are meant to be. And we have always felt like we were meant to be where we are now as well.

But as Ned got a new job (right when Emmett was born) we felt like things were up in the air regarding his job, possibility of moving, etc.  So we hung tight.  When he got offered another job (the one we orginally wanted in the first place, hoped and prayed for) we thought that was our path.  It was a interesting story and I wont go into all the little details here (they really arent that exciting, just interesting).  But we for sure felt like it was the answer to our prayers we were searching for, just not in the way we planned or expected. We felt like we were being told NO this isnt the path for your family, and that we were meant to move locations and keep the current job.  We found this video and it REALLY hit home for us and made an impact on our thoughts and feelings.

So despite mixed feelings and emotions about leaving, we DO feel like it is what is meant to be for our family.

I cant begin to even explain how much we will miss the little things that have taken place in our lives over the last 5 years of living here in Perris.  And making this house our home...

The friends we have made, who have help us, supported us, laughed with us, and cried with us (ok with me).

Our service and those who have served us in our local Ward and Stake that we have grown to love greatly!  We will miss them immensly and felt the most guilty about leaving our "little" ward but know the Lord has other plans for us and them.

We will miss Avalon, our little school.  The kids have loved their elementary school and are SO sad to be leaving, especially Ella. We had the best kinder teacher for both Ella and Asher and I will forever be indebted to her for starting out my childrens education in such a positive manner. We love you Mrs. Padilla!

Our carpool crew.

Walking to the Perris dam and along our community bike paths.

2 babies were born here.
Teeth lost.
Bunk beds and broken arms.
Happy moments had and tougher times too!

Although our kids wont remember much (much like our first HOME our apartment) I know Ned and I will always look back on our Perris house with fondness and laughter and memories that will fill our hearts with happiness.

With that being said our NEW adventure now begins in Fontana, CA.  We are up in the foothills of Fontana (near Rancho/Etiwanda area).  Above the 210 fwy and off the 15 fwy (those familiar with California freeways).  This will cut Ned's current commute to AppleValley significantly, it also puts our children in great schools, and in a beautiful home with an awesome large backyard (thrilled for mom's sanity) that the kids can play in all day.  We have heard our new ward has lots of young kids which we are excited for your kids to have lots of friends from church in their school classes and community.  (Ella is most nervous about meeting new friends).  The boys dont seem to care much at all.

So wish us luck or say a prayer...because here we come to make this house our new HOME.