Aug 24, 2009

He's ONE and oh so FUN... ASHER

Asher Scott Broberg 8/28/08
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Bubba Boy...

Asher is SUCH a happy boy and baby. He really has been so good his whole life and such a joy to have around.

He is ALL BOY...despite the princess crown...he is wild, active, and into EVERYTHING! But even when he climbs the stairs when we leave the gate open he ALWAYS lets out a loud little laugh to let us know he is doing something he's not suppose to.

We feel SO BLESSED to have him as a part of our little family. He also absolutely ADORES Ella. She tackles him off the sofa so hard, strangles him, and he actually just laughs because he loves it so much and is so happy.

Family Picture

Thanks to my sister (April) we got a family picture before church here's out little family...

Aug 17, 2009

Family Feud...our defeat

So we went on Family Feud... back after I had Asher last year. And we lost. Miserably. Thank goodness for my brother in-law Wes and Ned who were constant entertainment. Ned danced with a bunch of 13 yr. old girls in a dance contest during a commercial break, and Wes...well I will just say "club sauce" laughs for the rest of our life and this pic. says the rest!

Aug 7, 2009

Boberg/Woolley Kid Photo

Bottom Row (Left to right):
Mason, Ryan, Macey, Makenzie, Marrissa, Asher
Top Row (Left to right):
Tyler, Madison, Ella