Jul 24, 2008

Our Summer of FUN!!!!!!!

So before the new baby comes next month and life is put to a halt for a while for our precious little newborn, I thought I would remember how busy we were this summer and recount some of the many fun things we have had the opportunity to do. Because Ned graduated we had a lot of time off with Daddy, Ella & myself so we took advantage of this special time to have a blast and here is what we did...

Zions National Park- Hiking the Narrows, Angels Landing, Camping with Todd Fam

St. George- Visiting Family, Water Park, Shopping & lunch with my Sister in-laws

James Taylor Concert

Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus

Orange County Fair

Getting BURNT at Huntington Beach

3 Angels Games!!
Vladimir Guerrero

Disneyland--lost count...

Jul 18, 2008

The Death of Dora & Boots (O.C. Fair)

The JOY.....

and the flush.....
Yes we flushed our first goldfish. We went to the Orange County Fair with my parents and Ella had a blast. She won 2 stuffed animals, AND TWO goldfish (with a little aquarium, so as you can imagine, as any 2 year old would be, she was thrilled!!! She named them Dora & Boots (her obsession as of late). Well we are proud to say that Dora (the gold fish) is still alive n' kicking...but Boots only made it two days. Daddy tried to sneak him out (after we found him floating belly up) but Ella was insitant on knowing what he was doing. And we tried to hide it from her, but she kept asking "WHERE IS BOOTS" "WHERE IS THE OTHER FISHY" She noticed and there wasnt much we could do, so we explained FISHY HEAVEN, which she now talks about daily.

So this blog is in memory of the grey goldfish BOOTS!

Jul 9, 2008

Our WILD & FUN 4th of July!!!

We had a busy and fun 4th of July! We started the day with Nana, Boppy, Ryan & Hayley at the Ontario City Parade. It wasn’t very entertaining and I was hotter than anything, but as you can tell from Ella's next picture (BELOW) she had a blast. She danced in the street & saw Elmo & Cookie Monster (highlight of the parade for her). We also told her she had firecrackers in her hair...and she thought that was pretty cool.We then went to Nana & Boppy's for an all day swim party and BBQ. The kids have a blast when all of their cousins are over and swimming. Later that evening everyone came over to our apartment and we walked to the park to do a few cheesy carnival games and then back to our place, where we have a more than perfect view of the fireworks, with wide open space for the kids to run around and play.