Dec 30, 2009

Next thing I knew I was PASSED OUT in the closet...

So I am ALWAYS in a hurry, rushing, and doing a million things at once. Well on Tuesday morning I was of course trying to get everything done I needed done before I had to run off to work for the day. So I had done my 15 min. run on the treadmill, check. Kids were down stairs eating breakfast and watching cartoons, check. I had taken my shower, done my make-up and hair, check. Now I was throwing on my clothes in the closet....this is where it all began...

...While I was throwing on my shirt in the closet, I hit my "FUNNY BONE" (who the HECK thought to call it that!!!!!!!!!) on the door frame and one of the most intense pains I have EVER felt proceeded. I remember saying a prayer that I would be OK, I remember my whole body tingling and feeling a little sick, and the last thing I remember was thinking maybe if I move my fingers it will feel better....NOPE.... thing I knew I was PASSED OUT, COLD OUT in the closet. When I came too I had no idea where I was or what was going on! (Now I have passed about about 10 other times in my life before, yeah I know crazy, story for another blog post) but I had NEVER been so disoriented in my life. I just heard my sister (April) & her husband (Wes) were downstairs (they watch my kids for me). So I had no idea how long it had been since I was out, I yelled my sisters name then must have blacked out again.

Next thing I knew they were both over me, I heard them talking and asking me questions. April was telling Wes to pick me up and put me on the bed (with my shirt half on, don't worry, not exposed or anything, thank goodness). Wes was asking if I was OK. I told them I was fine and finally came to. They said I was stark WHITE as a ghost, and I was completely clammy!

Yes I had eaten that morning. No I am NOT pregnant. And I have had my blood work done several times to check why this happens to me, and I am fine. Needless to say I went on about my regular day and have felt fine since. My elbow is a bit sore, but nothing more. But I swore to my husband (who was worried) that it was just the pain from my elbow...

So I did some more research on the Internet and found this interesting bit of info as well:

Can you pass out from striking your funny bone?

Q: Somebody at my work place passed out, and they don't have any history of blood pressure problems or anything. As a matter of fact, his most recent physical was just a couple of months ago, and his doctor said he was fine. When he came to, he said he had struck his elbow on one of the shelves in the office. He had the cold sweats and a pale complexion, but then seemed fine. I've never heard of that .

Look up psychogenic shock:
Psychogenic shock (aka: Fainting) is usually related to a sympathetic response causing a temporary decrease in cerebral perfusion. Usually, very temporary, and when the body performs it basically goes into a preservation mode, shunting blood supply (i.e. reason for being pale) and adjusts accordingly.