Feb 21, 2013

IT IS happening

Remember back here when I told you about the cruise.  Well it's really happening.

These two little leprechauns will let you know about the 80* weather.
(If this picture doesn't make you smile, you need help).

This little one will be eating LOTS of oreo's and bonding with Grammy.
and I am SURE will be VERY happy!

And these two wish you lots of LOVE...

 (Sorry for the red eyes and lack of updates as of late. THIS IS OUR CRAZY & HAPPY LIFE!)

Feb 4, 2013

Can I love him anymore....

JUST uploaded this gem right now (no filters, no edits) nothing but LOVE for this almost 11 month old baby!

(We have been sick, sick, and more sick around here so I have bascially been updating via  Instagram).