Mar 17, 2012

Photo's of Tate taken BY the hospital

If you wanted to see more of our sweet little Tate guy...

Go to this link BELOW, look for Heidi B. on MARCH 12th 

Then enter our password:


Then Brob (for Broberg) and you can see the pictures they took in the hospital.

I WONT be sharing this on FB so please don't post. This is just for my blog followers! Thanks! :)

Mar 15, 2012

Tate Michael Broberg

Tate Michael Broberg
Born Monday 3/12/2012 @ 7:55am 
7lbs. and 19"
We just got home TODAY after a long day hospital stay (c-section).  We are both exhausted and it was a long stay, so I will have to update more another time. I will just say we both feel SO overjoyed to have a healthy, happy baby boy. Who, if we do say so ourselves, we think is just an ADORABLE little doll! We love him so much already!!!!  We are excited to be home until Sunday (without the other 2 kiddos) to spend some bonding and adjusting time with him! How blessed we are.  I am doing pretty good too... 
Ella and baby brother Tate
A very TIRED brother, sister and Boppie with baby

Mar 5, 2012

7 days left until Asher & Ella are BOTH big "Bruther" & Sister

At my little brunch a few weeks ago friends (Joyce & Kami) of course remembered Ella & Asher with "Big Brother" and "Big Sister" candies. They were so excited, yes to have a new sibling, but I think more so to get their own candy!

And Asher is really funny, because when we are out and about people will often say, oh what a cute little baby (about him) and he will immediately turn to me and say, "Mom! I am NOT a baby, I am a big brother!"  I always think it's so cute that he doesn't say he is a big boy, but a big brother...