Aug 25, 2010

The BIG 3-0

So I have been a little sad this year about turning 30, it just seems so old, because I don't feel old at all, but that number just seems so much older than I feel. So Ned was so sweet and totally spoiled me (probably so I wouldn't be depressed about being 30!). So forgive all these pictures of me, but last Sat. (a week after my b-day) Ned took me OUT!

Cedar Creek Inn (I had the BEST, and I mean the BEST Lobster I have EVER had in my life). I didn't even eat my steak or the rest of my food after, in fear or running the wonderful, succulent taste in my mouth!

At Massage Envy, I really fell asleep at the tail end of massage, you think I needed it!

And getting my M.A.C. makeover at Brea Mall. I am checking myself out I guess in the first picture, and then the after shot (not much different from the usual) but how I wish I had someone to get me ready everyday, it would be heaven!
Thanks to the BEST husband EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 24, 2010


So we just discovered Ned's OLD SCHOOL GI Joe's from the 80's they are hilarious! Their legs keep breaking off because the rubber bands are so OLD. Anyway I found one in my purse the other night and my family thought they were hilarious. So my brother took a picture with his new apple i-phone (I don't know what they are called) and he calls this picture "Welcome to Benihana" from the GI JOE...

Aug 22, 2010

My Super Hero's are...

So the kids watched a Hi-5 episode (anyone else watch that?) and it was on superheros. SO I helped them make super capes and they had a blast running around the house all day. I finally got pictures of them when they started jumping off the stairs. Thankfully no injuries.

And Ned & I thought this picture was particularly hilarious. The way Ella is holding Asher and the way he is sitting on her is pretty funny!

Aug 2, 2010

Temple Road Trip with my Young Women- Vegas & St.George

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to go with my YW on a Temple Road Trip. They have been visiting temples all over and since I entered the program they decided to do the Las Vegas, NV & St.George, UT. temple. I had the privilege of going with my SEVEN super fun & righteous girls!

We stayed the night at my sister in-laws (Amy) who lives in St. George. She had a really fun craft for us to do, we had a nice mini-fireside by her friend, and had a blast playing soccer & just enjoying being spoiled by Amy (pancake breakfast, games upstairs, and a MAJOR slumber party). Many call her house (including my family) Hotel Woolley! Its a blast & we were grateful.
Our Bishops Aunt was also kind enough to set up a WHOLE dinner for us with the YW in their ward. It was decorated so cute, great food, and wonderful to see other beautiful and good YW ! The girls enjoyed talking with the other girls(& were trying to check out the boys playing b-ball too!) These three below are sisters & the Bishops daughters.
We also had a fun breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. I insisted on eating there, its just a tradition. I think they enjoyed the food. But had more fun buying a Gumby in the old fashion store.

LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! Even if I have to put them in head-locks and they make up CRAZY nicknames for me.