Aug 22, 2010

My Super Hero's are...

So the kids watched a Hi-5 episode (anyone else watch that?) and it was on superheros. SO I helped them make super capes and they had a blast running around the house all day. I finally got pictures of them when they started jumping off the stairs. Thankfully no injuries.

And Ned & I thought this picture was particularly hilarious. The way Ella is holding Asher and the way he is sitting on her is pretty funny!


  1. HOW CUTE!!!! I am actually planning a "super hero" birthday party for Kaiden right now... we will see if it turns out as fun as your little party! ;) Your kids are adorable!

  2. PPP HA HA! Check out Asher's eyes on that picture in the margin with all of the kids. The photoshopping you did to it makes him look like he's going crossed eyed staring at the net in front of him while reaching out to touch it.