Aug 31, 2011

Lake Perris LAKE Adventures

Forest & Kim invited out to Lake Perris on their boat last Sat.  SO FUN!
April, Wes & Peyton came too.
 Check out Aprils blog here for more pictures and her post.
Baby Kyler who was STELLAR on the boat ride, totally use to it!
Ella did NOT enjoy the boat ride much, but surly LOVED the "brown" Perris water
The first person to go on the tube was Ned and as he went flying through the air and way off in the water at a distance she thought he was gone forever, not understanding why we were laughing and she was screaming her lungs out for her Daddy, kinda sad at first, but it got funny as it progressed.
It was Asher's 3rd birthday and Kim even made him cupcakes. He just loved playing with the shells.
The boys did up some hot dogs and we actually enjoyed the HEAT

Daddy & Uncle Wes took Asher out on LOTS of rides since it was his 3rd B-day and he had a blast

He even got daring and laid down with the boys (but he didn't keep his head up)
Also NOTICE his new hair cut like Daddy's!

Aug 10, 2011

I passed out on the 1st day of School (It's True)

So I remember feeling ANXIOUS as a kid prepping for school. Not nervous, just excited & all the anticipation.

I NEVER used to be able to sleep as a kid on Christmas Eve, preparing for a big vacations, and always the night before the first day of school.  I remember on the first day of 3rd grade, I was really nervous and I was curling my bangs in the bathroom, and my mom walked by and told me not to lock my knees or I would pass out.  Well YES if you have read my blog before, you know I am prone to passing out, and that is exactly what I did.

Hot curling iron in my hand and passing out, burning my forehead, for the first day of school.  
Good times!

So I have been a little anxious while my firstborn (Ella) had her first day of school today. KINDERGARTEN to be exact. Yikes.  Well I always call her my mini me, not because she looks like me (more like Ned, for sure!) but she has a LOT of my personality. Which is sometimes hard for me to deal with (OK often times hard to deal with).

So we put her to bed at 7pm and by 11pm when I went to bed she still was NOT asleep. It broke my heart!  With all the sincerity of her heart she said, "I really am trying mom, I promise I am, I'm really sorry!"  So we were worried all night how the today would be, exhausted & emotional.
The verdict:
The day before, checking out her teacher, we got the one we wanted & requested: Mrs. Padilla. 

 The morning of, she was excited!  She was up with her new alarm clock, pumped & ready to go! YES!  Dad even took the morning off work to walk with us all to school (& we (Asher, Ned & I) went to Mimi's for breakfast after)... not celebrating, OK just a little! But shh, she doesn't know that!

We then got to meet her teacher (again) prior to class, who already remembered Ella's name. We could tell this made Ella's day. And you can see it in her SMILE!  (with her upside down tag & all)

She then waited in line with the other students, and would NOT put down her backpack or lunch pail, even though she kept complaining about how heavy they were.

AND MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE MOMENT & PICTURE OF THE DAY!  The school had all the students walk through the front gate where they had music playing, balloons all over, teachings greeting, AND A RED CARPET! How AWESOME is that!  Well Ella (in her MISS ELLA BELLA personality & typical way) after smiling her time away, WOULD NOT smile or pose for the camera on the red carpet.  So my favorite shot of the BACK TO SCHOOL BLITZ!
Then to make it an extra special day. When she got home I had helium balloons for her & a bunch of school supplies!  She was thrilled & LOVED every minute of it.
So after a lot of trepidation to begin with.  We all had a great day today and glad it all went over with so much success. And for those of you who asked (it seems to be the question for this situation) NO I did NOT cry. I kind of cant believe it. But she didn't and I didn't. I think we were all just ready and happy.

I think I was more ready to cry about school starting in the middle of the Summer though, what happened to back to school in the FALL (remember the day after Labor Day)!