Aug 31, 2011

Lake Perris LAKE Adventures

Forest & Kim invited out to Lake Perris on their boat last Sat.  SO FUN!
April, Wes & Peyton came too.
 Check out Aprils blog here for more pictures and her post.
Baby Kyler who was STELLAR on the boat ride, totally use to it!
Ella did NOT enjoy the boat ride much, but surly LOVED the "brown" Perris water
The first person to go on the tube was Ned and as he went flying through the air and way off in the water at a distance she thought he was gone forever, not understanding why we were laughing and she was screaming her lungs out for her Daddy, kinda sad at first, but it got funny as it progressed.
It was Asher's 3rd birthday and Kim even made him cupcakes. He just loved playing with the shells.
The boys did up some hot dogs and we actually enjoyed the HEAT

Daddy & Uncle Wes took Asher out on LOTS of rides since it was his 3rd B-day and he had a blast

He even got daring and laid down with the boys (but he didn't keep his head up)
Also NOTICE his new hair cut like Daddy's!


  1. I was just saying... Asher has Ned's head only rounder. Cute lil' Charlie Brown Boy.

  2. SO CRAZY that you hang out with my old BEST friend Kim. We were inseparable for a few years.
    Your summer looks like ours!

  3. Oh that is right Heather. I forgot you and Kim were such good friends. We love them!