Nov 29, 2012

LOOK I can cut my own hair (video)

The week before Thanksgiving I went to a baby shower. While I was gone Ned had all 3 kids.  He was bathing Tate when suddenly:

Asher walked in the room with a pair of scissors in one hand and a huge tuft of hair in the other hand. He said, "Dad look I can cut my own hair now."  

Ugh, so Ned tried to repair the hair, but if you have noticed any of the pictures I have posted lately of Asher, they do NOT include hair. He ended up having to shave it all the way to a 1. Asher was less than happy about that, but then maybe he will learn his lesson.

So Ned took a video of him to send to me, which I thought was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing at how pathetic Mr. Asher sounded.  Turn it up (he is quietly pathetic) and its short.  Enjoy.

This is what he looked like BEFORE:
Missionary Style
Faux Hawk (his favorite) style

Nov 27, 2012

Reading Rainbow (Christmas Version)

My kids love to read. So for Christmas we actually pack all our Christmas books with the decorations so we only have about a month to get in all our favorites.  So the list keeps adding up. So again I thought I would share some of our favorites, old and new in case you needed some ideas.

Another tradition Ned and I started was every year we let the kids pick one new book to add to our collection (usually Sam's Club or Costco) and sometimes with a little encouragement on our end. But this year it was a fun book!  (**our books)

*A Pirate's Night Before Christmas 

Philip Yates

They love to gather by the fire (usually upstairs in our bedroom on the floor) and even when its still 75* outside.  But regardless we have fun reading a few books each night.

Here's a few more we enjoy:

The Gift of the Magi by O Henry

*The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story by Gloria Houston

*O Come, All Ye Faithful by David Christiana

A Pirate's Twelve Days of Christmas 

Philip Yates 

*Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas by Jane O'Connor

There Was A COLD Lady Who Swallowed Some SNOW!

*The Night Before Christmas by Moore

Of course this is a CLASSIC in our home:

*How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss 

Most people already know I am a Mormon, so this next one is a beautiful one with pictures, stories, and songs telling of the Birth of Christ.

*A Book of Mormon Christmas

The Carpenter's Gift by David Rubel

So if you can take some time out of sipping cocoa, hanging up decorations, or (don't mention the word here) shopping. Be sure to (TAKE A LOOK IN A BOOK!)

Nov 16, 2012

Around this time of year...

...our house usually ends up looking a little something like this.

Chickens. Robots.  And wigs, oh my!

Nov 15, 2012

Riding Around

Remember when I showed you the cute pictures from the pumpkin patch HERE.

Well I didn't talk about my favorite part.  Again we let the kids pick 2 games and apparently they were in the mood for some ATVs.

Fist they decided to ride the ATV train, which was just connected to a guy driving.  And we died laughing because of course Ella was scared to death and trying NOT to do it (we are good parents though, and FORCED her!)  Of course moving .5mph they both loved it.

So after they got their confidence (by force) we then talked them into actually driving their own around a little track. It was hilarious (We couldn't believe they let little mini Asher do it).  They went pretty fast and of course guess which 2 kids were the only ones to crash?  (Picture me pointing to myself with smirk on face)

Nov 13, 2012

Accessorize. Invite. Become.

So many of you know I am not a crafty person, but I do love to shop and love cute things, especially jewelry and hair accessories. So last year I started selling paparazzi (because I personally love it as well).

SO - - if you are looking for a way to earn extra money on the side - consider Paparazzi!  I know, it sounds crazy.  After years of sales, I never thought I'd do anything sales especially home sales, but I'm really loving it, so thought I would share.

Why Paparazzi??
--it's something I would actually buy. I would never want to sell something that I think is too expensive or not fun - this is stuff I love and wear all the time.  And it's $5 - THAT'S WHAT SOLD ME.
--you can make 45% commissions 
--on top of that, you can build a team and earn more - 

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You can check out the jewelry/accessories by color or style Products.

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There is a cost to buy a starter kit, but it covers ALL the product you receive (like you actually GET something for your money, it's not just an enrollment fee) and then some.  AND, I paid myself back for my kit in 1 season last year.  So it didn't take long at all to start making money. And even if you didn't end up liking it, no money is wasted at all from products used or sold.

Let me know if you have any questions about Paparazzi, the product, making extra money, how it's working for me, etc. 

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Nov 4, 2012

I love my lovely family

I can't tell you happy I was one day when my kids told me that they LOVED this song by The Roots. I of course downloaded it immediately.

Lovely, Love My Family (Lyrics) 
Sometimes when I am sitting by myself
Those quiet moments when not with no one else
I’m mesmerized by all the many good things in my life
I think about the time when I was younger
And the older that I get the more that I feel wiser
With the love of friends and family
Get stronger and it carries me on through

So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family

Sometimes when I am waiting for the bus
The sun shines bright and I feel peace like nowhere else
I know I'm in good health and life keeps going, I keep moving, I’m alright
I go to school and educate my mind, and the way the world is spinning
makes me want to turn around and start all over, hit the reset and go back in time.

Oh baby love me
Oh spread the love around, yeah

So I say lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
lovely lovely lovely love, love my family

And with all our imperfections, I sure LOVE, my lovely family!

Nov 1, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I must say I am a little (ok lots) happy that Halloween is over. It is not my favorite holiday.  But the kids sure love it, don't they?

With that being said I do try to "do" all the things a here say good mother does.  So among costumes and trick or treating with cousins, and church trunk or treat we also try to hit up the Pumpkin Patch.  

Our 2 year tradition now has been Live Oak, which is the best around although the prices still just dumbfound me. 

So here's to 2012:
 These 2 cute guys just made my night. Don't you love em!?
Ella seemed to think she was the #1 perfect pumpkin picker