Nov 15, 2012

Riding Around

Remember when I showed you the cute pictures from the pumpkin patch HERE.

Well I didn't talk about my favorite part.  Again we let the kids pick 2 games and apparently they were in the mood for some ATVs.

Fist they decided to ride the ATV train, which was just connected to a guy driving.  And we died laughing because of course Ella was scared to death and trying NOT to do it (we are good parents though, and FORCED her!)  Of course moving .5mph they both loved it.

So after they got their confidence (by force) we then talked them into actually driving their own around a little track. It was hilarious (We couldn't believe they let little mini Asher do it).  They went pretty fast and of course guess which 2 kids were the only ones to crash?  (Picture me pointing to myself with smirk on face)

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