Nov 18, 2008

THE GREAT OUTDOORS and marshmallow rock...

We always have our Saturdays full of things TO-DO so we rarely have the opportunity to do what we WANT to do. So this last Sat. we had nothing to do and finally took the chance to take advantage of the GREAT OUTDOORS at MT. BALDY. It was a beautiful day (despite the fires and smoke you could see in the Valley) but the mountains were wonderful. Ella had a blast at the FISH FARM. Ned did some PROSPECTING (no luck). And I had a wonderful view laying on a rock with Asher and looking up above at the sun coming through the trees (See first picture above). We also thought it was very funny when Ella suddenly said look at the GIANT MARSHMALLOW (pointing to the rock Ned is standing on above). We have no idea where she got that from and thought that was very silly, but she was serious, at least she didn't try to bite it. We were going to take the SKI LIFT to the peak of the mountain, but I didn't have the guts to take it with two WILD kids! So we just visited the top on foot.

Nov 3, 2008

Asher's Baby Blessing

Asher Scott Broberg
Baby Blessing
Sunday- November 2nd, 2008

Asher's Great Granny Broberg

The Todd Girls with Boppy Broberg Cousins (the girls...)

It's Fall Ya'll...

Happy Belated Halloween...Ella loved carving pumpkins, in fact she decided she loves to EAT pumpkins...yes you heard me right, after Ned carved out the eyes and nose we see Ella chomping on the inside of the pumpkin. Then an hour later, she had picked up the top of the pumpkin and was eating that. I didn't stop her, I just laughed, its probably healthy, right?! Check out the pictures...
Here's our baby giraffe

Our Monkey (literally speaking) and her Jedi CousinThe cousin crew (yes they ALL trick or treated together)...

Eating her pumpkin (and notice the lone child in the background)
SO I LOVE FALL...I haven't posted in so long and thought I needed to catch up, so forgive the million's of pictures, but I love fall and thought a few were either cute or funny!