Nov 14, 2009

San Diego Zoo

Annual passes to the San Diego Zoo. Overall assessment is...superb.

Ella wanted to act like a money most of the day. Easy for me to "pretend".

Nov 3, 2009

It's Fall Ya'll

I LOVE FALL! And of course a Cali fall is not as beautiful as the rest of the world's fall...but I still love it. In fact I took a canyon drive near our house to work one day to avoid the traffic, and I had the most wonderful drive. I was so happy all day! I was able to enjoy many beautiful sites (orange groves, shapely hills, open fields, NO TRAFFIC). It was wonderful, and I love this time of the year along with all its fun festivities.

We were busy this year with:

Trunk or Treat at church and the Chino Hills Shoppes:

Snow White & Baby Duckie
I found Ella's snow white dress on clearance after Halloween last year for about $5, with my coupon, and was so excitied for the great deal we got. Well Daddy found the matching snow white shoes, that light up while you walk. So she HAD to get those, which of course cost about $24. So much for the deal I got, but she is a Daddy's girl & was a princess for Halloween (blah! not my favorite, but what she wanted).

My Dad's B-day and family Halloween Party:
Donuts on a string. Carving Pumpkins.
Treasure Hunts.
Dad's witches brew (homemade root beer, bubbling from the cauldron).
AND Ella's 2nd costume (OUR pick) Jack from Pirates

Tom's Farm (pumpkin patch):
Oak Glenn: