Nov 30, 2011

Kati's Bridal Shower (...& wedding)

So some of you may remember me mentioning (The Fab Five) in past posts. A group of my girlfriends (5 of be exact, just in case you didn't catch that) who have been best friends since 6th grade. Yes J. High days...amazing right.

Well Kati (1 of the 5) just married my sisters, husbands, brother: back in October. I know sounds confusing right? Well my brother in-law Wes Aleman (who we love & are very close with, so basically my brother) his brother Patrick married my friend Kati.  Such a funny small world! But she married into a wonderful family and a wonderful man, so we are happy for them!

So the wedding was gorgeous, up in the Oak Glen mountains at Riley's Farm. It was a beautiful backdrop, a super sweet band, in a barn, with hot was so fun & so cute. But it was COLD (freezing actually) it was raining and SNOWING (that's a shock to us Cali folks) so needless to say I did NOT have my camera and have no pictures of the wedding.  But here are some of her tea party/shower photos from the day at Martha Green Eating Room in Redlands.
Tea & Puppets (As my Ella would say) 
The beautiful bride (to-be at the time)
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Kati & Her Mama
Heather and her Mom Donna

Nov 18, 2011

Academic Excellence Student of Month

We are proud of Ella for getting Academic Excellence Student of Month the first month of school. She is doing very well and really enjoys school and learning. She also loves her friends and teacher Mrs. Padilla.
 Here's the video of her getting her award, it's really hard to hear what was said, so I wrote it out since I know both my parents and Ned's both weren't able to make it:

Our Award for Academic Excellence is for a girl who has a lot to say, and has a lot to say because she knows a lot.  She is very curious, and has a lot great questions and answers.  She has had a lot of great life experiences.  

Last week we were talking about Pilgrims and Native Americans, and she was then talking about the Indian Caves in Yosemite, and wanted to know the difference between the Pilgrims and the Pioneers.  

And Mom at report card time brought a note pad to take notes on what she needed to work on with Ella and she didn’t have much to write because she is doing very well, and that award is Ella Broberg. 

Ella's teacher Mrs. Padilla, Ella (bottom left), above her pink, Mia, her adorable friends Katie (purple) & Kaitlyn (pink) & very good friend Jackson (blue jacket) all received Citizenship awards.
We told Ella that now (like her friends) she needs to work on her citizenship now. She is doing well academically, but we have had some problems pulling her card talking too often, and not heading her warnings (just like her teacher said, she has a lot to say) and this is at "at home, at school, and at play"!


So Ella cracked me up this Halloween because my mother in-law so kindly made ALL the girls (cousins) adorable "poodle skirts".  Well I forget we live in 2011 where the 50's and poodle skirts are just NOT relevant at all and she had NO IDEA what we were talking about when we tried to explain what their costumes were. So every time someone asked her what she was going to be for Halloween she would say, "A Poodle".   We finally showed her a few costumes and explained and she was so happy, and then would say a poodle girl...

So here is our Poodle girl and Asher was Pirate for most our Halloween outings and a Monkey for the other half...

Nov 15, 2011

Mommy Daughter Date- Riverdance & BJs

Most of you already know how sweet and thoughtful Ned is. Really he is the BEST dad and husband a women or child could ask for!  My girlfriends even tease and call him "Our Ned" be good to "Our Ned" etc. So just to give him credit, this was ALL his idea and doing.

Ella has had an adjusting year. Starting kindergarten, mommy's pregnant, and a lot of changes which have been hard. So a few months back Ned thought it would be important for us to do special nights out with each kid, just us parent & child. So he surprised Ella and I with tickets to see Riverdance.  I have seen it and loved it, and Ella loves dancing. So on Nov. 5th Ella and I had a special date thanks to Daddy.

And a date is not complete (too Ella) without DRESSING UP! So here is our fancy date pictures!
Looking SO grown up to me lately..makes me sad!
She also has forgotten how to smile suddenly, its so funny. So I told her to think of something funny....
Exhibit A of forgetting how to smile....
I HATED all the pictures of me in them, but Ned said I had to at LEAST include one!
And here was Asher's PRETTY pose!  My boy!
Piggy had to come along on the date too...he had a napkin and everything...
At BJ's with our Pizookie
She told me to take this picture and send it to Daddy's phone, so we could LAUGH! :)
I guess she meant to make him jealous!
We had SUCH a nice time. She was Celtic dancing all night, even in front of people at the theatre (NOT like Ella). She loved the dancing and we had a fun day.  For sure something we will keep up.

Now on to Asher. (Worm catching day, any ideas?)

Nov 12, 2011

Hello Our Big Boy (20 week ultrasound)

So we were able to have our 20 week ultrasound (to confirm our 13 week ultrasound that it was a boy) and YES it is a boy our tech adamantly said (she said she didn't even need to label some of these pictures, for obvious reasons).  It was nice because Asher & Ned were able to come with me this time (Although Asher now thinks there is also a monster in my tummy, he kept saying the baby is scared because he sees a monster, a little confusing for a 3 yr. old, I guess).

Thanks again Kim for picking up and watching Ella, your a good friend!
Me thinks its a boy!

Nov 11, 2011

Asher's 3rd Birthday (My BIG BABY boy)

So Ned corrects me ALL the time because I call Asher my "baby" or "baby boy" which he isn't now that he is 3 and since we have another little guy coming. But he is just such a sweet little Mama's Boy. I have to admit him wanting me, hugging me, loving me (most the time) I just LOVE IT!

He always offers me kisses and hugs. He once told me, "Mom, you are MY princess!" Ned thought that was SO cheesy and sick, I melted.  He often knows when I am upset or sad and he will come next to me, pat my back ever SO sweetly and then say, "Mom, its OK, I love you" and then kiss me gently on the check.  It is so sweet and rewarding for all the trials he also brings to our family (he is a rascally boy). But I sure do love that little guy!
My MIL has a tradition of taking them to Rainforest Cafe and then Build a Bear...the kids love it. Cant you tell by Ella MAKING Asher smile!
love his face in this one...

Asher is know for crazy antics and silly faces (he doesn't usually smile for ANY type of photos) but he at least brings something original!
He picked a little doggie and named him (JAWVIN)??
He has his heart in his hands making his wish, with his SUPER SHORT HAIR that Daddy did!
Intent on making his wish worth it

Of course Grammy couldn't let Ella not have one 2...