Nov 15, 2011

Mommy Daughter Date- Riverdance & BJs

Most of you already know how sweet and thoughtful Ned is. Really he is the BEST dad and husband a women or child could ask for!  My girlfriends even tease and call him "Our Ned" be good to "Our Ned" etc. So just to give him credit, this was ALL his idea and doing.

Ella has had an adjusting year. Starting kindergarten, mommy's pregnant, and a lot of changes which have been hard. So a few months back Ned thought it would be important for us to do special nights out with each kid, just us parent & child. So he surprised Ella and I with tickets to see Riverdance.  I have seen it and loved it, and Ella loves dancing. So on Nov. 5th Ella and I had a special date thanks to Daddy.

And a date is not complete (too Ella) without DRESSING UP! So here is our fancy date pictures!
Looking SO grown up to me lately..makes me sad!
She also has forgotten how to smile suddenly, its so funny. So I told her to think of something funny....
Exhibit A of forgetting how to smile....
I HATED all the pictures of me in them, but Ned said I had to at LEAST include one!
And here was Asher's PRETTY pose!  My boy!
Piggy had to come along on the date too...he had a napkin and everything...
At BJ's with our Pizookie
She told me to take this picture and send it to Daddy's phone, so we could LAUGH! :)
I guess she meant to make him jealous!
We had SUCH a nice time. She was Celtic dancing all night, even in front of people at the theatre (NOT like Ella). She loved the dancing and we had a fun day.  For sure something we will keep up.

Now on to Asher. (Worm catching day, any ideas?)

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