Nov 11, 2011

Asher's 3rd Birthday (My BIG BABY boy)

So Ned corrects me ALL the time because I call Asher my "baby" or "baby boy" which he isn't now that he is 3 and since we have another little guy coming. But he is just such a sweet little Mama's Boy. I have to admit him wanting me, hugging me, loving me (most the time) I just LOVE IT!

He always offers me kisses and hugs. He once told me, "Mom, you are MY princess!" Ned thought that was SO cheesy and sick, I melted.  He often knows when I am upset or sad and he will come next to me, pat my back ever SO sweetly and then say, "Mom, its OK, I love you" and then kiss me gently on the check.  It is so sweet and rewarding for all the trials he also brings to our family (he is a rascally boy). But I sure do love that little guy!
My MIL has a tradition of taking them to Rainforest Cafe and then Build a Bear...the kids love it. Cant you tell by Ella MAKING Asher smile!
love his face in this one...

Asher is know for crazy antics and silly faces (he doesn't usually smile for ANY type of photos) but he at least brings something original!
He picked a little doggie and named him (JAWVIN)??
He has his heart in his hands making his wish, with his SUPER SHORT HAIR that Daddy did!
Intent on making his wish worth it

Of course Grammy couldn't let Ella not have one 2...

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