Nov 30, 2011

Kati's Bridal Shower (...& wedding)

So some of you may remember me mentioning (The Fab Five) in past posts. A group of my girlfriends (5 of be exact, just in case you didn't catch that) who have been best friends since 6th grade. Yes J. High days...amazing right.

Well Kati (1 of the 5) just married my sisters, husbands, brother: back in October. I know sounds confusing right? Well my brother in-law Wes Aleman (who we love & are very close with, so basically my brother) his brother Patrick married my friend Kati.  Such a funny small world! But she married into a wonderful family and a wonderful man, so we are happy for them!

So the wedding was gorgeous, up in the Oak Glen mountains at Riley's Farm. It was a beautiful backdrop, a super sweet band, in a barn, with hot was so fun & so cute. But it was COLD (freezing actually) it was raining and SNOWING (that's a shock to us Cali folks) so needless to say I did NOT have my camera and have no pictures of the wedding.  But here are some of her tea party/shower photos from the day at Martha Green Eating Room in Redlands.
Tea & Puppets (As my Ella would say) 
The beautiful bride (to-be at the time)
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Kati & Her Mama
Heather and her Mom Donna

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