Nov 18, 2011


So Ella cracked me up this Halloween because my mother in-law so kindly made ALL the girls (cousins) adorable "poodle skirts".  Well I forget we live in 2011 where the 50's and poodle skirts are just NOT relevant at all and she had NO IDEA what we were talking about when we tried to explain what their costumes were. So every time someone asked her what she was going to be for Halloween she would say, "A Poodle".   We finally showed her a few costumes and explained and she was so happy, and then would say a poodle girl...

So here is our Poodle girl and Asher was Pirate for most our Halloween outings and a Monkey for the other half...


  1. Great pictures!! Love the expressions!

  2. Really cute! I can't get over how big all the kids are getting. It's amazing how quickly they grow. You're keeping a great record with your pictures.