Nov 18, 2011

Academic Excellence Student of Month

We are proud of Ella for getting Academic Excellence Student of Month the first month of school. She is doing very well and really enjoys school and learning. She also loves her friends and teacher Mrs. Padilla.
 Here's the video of her getting her award, it's really hard to hear what was said, so I wrote it out since I know both my parents and Ned's both weren't able to make it:

Our Award for Academic Excellence is for a girl who has a lot to say, and has a lot to say because she knows a lot.  She is very curious, and has a lot great questions and answers.  She has had a lot of great life experiences.  

Last week we were talking about Pilgrims and Native Americans, and she was then talking about the Indian Caves in Yosemite, and wanted to know the difference between the Pilgrims and the Pioneers.  

And Mom at report card time brought a note pad to take notes on what she needed to work on with Ella and she didn’t have much to write because she is doing very well, and that award is Ella Broberg. 

Ella's teacher Mrs. Padilla, Ella (bottom left), above her pink, Mia, her adorable friends Katie (purple) & Kaitlyn (pink) & very good friend Jackson (blue jacket) all received Citizenship awards.
We told Ella that now (like her friends) she needs to work on her citizenship now. She is doing well academically, but we have had some problems pulling her card talking too often, and not heading her warnings (just like her teacher said, she has a lot to say) and this is at "at home, at school, and at play"!


  1. Wow, good for our Ella! Funny, I remember getting the Pilgrims and Pioneers mixed up as a kid too! She is gonna go far -- that Ella!