Mar 10, 2014


Baby boy is here!

Emmett Griffith Broberg
8lbs 2ozs
21 1/4"
And actually ALREADY a month old by the time I am finally getting around to posting.  I will still post newborn photos, but thought I better at least get something down before it never happens, because anyone who has had a newborn knows that is just flies by.  And cuddles, feeding, burping are much more important right now.

The birth story: Well as most of you know I had a c-section (so its pretty routine and standard, as far as a c-section goes) but even though this was my 4th it was different from the others.

We checked in (long story short) the nurse hit a valve trying to get my IV in, it hurt.  The anesthesiologist was running late, so we waited forever (I was already feeling anxious and ready to get the show on the road), so all of these things made it worse. I sat watching my contractions on the monitor (yes I was having some, not painful at all)...Finally they pulled us back.

Ned wasn't allowed to stay with me while they prepped me and gave me my epidural (which I HATE).  I got all prepped in there, I loved my anesthesiologist but hated getting it.  For the first time ever I looked at the needles (sitting next to me on the table) knowing it would be my last time. And then got more nervous seeing those bad boys. I did it.

Then as quick as can be it all happened. They were announcing what they were doing (cutting into 2nd layer, or something disgusting) and I felt overwhelmed, I was trying to calm myself down, I couldn't talk to Ned, and I said a silent prayer for comfort. Right after I don't remember anything else except them pulling him out and saying "He has a cute BIG round head" the first thing they have said with all 3 of my boys!  He's still a boy and healthy... I remember them saying how much he weighed but I couldn't remember how much at t his point and then apparently I fell asleep.  So we don't know if it was an answer to my prayers or if the anesthesiologist saw my numbers (stress) and hooked me up with something "good", but regardless it was a nice answer to my prayers.  I woke up to Ned holding baby next to me and telling me that baby and I both fell asleep right after delivery.  I asked him how much he weighed remembering it was more than our other kids, but not remembering the number.  This was shocking to us because all our other babies were 7lbs and 19" long, so he was a big boy.  And I then remember saying to Ned "see I told you he was big in there" He did great in the hospital, and was healthy and just slept and loved to be held, which I loved too.

I then came home and after 4 days of cuddles, calmness and relaxing in the hospital forgot how loud my other kids were...ha ha ha  It was an adjustment for me that first day with the noise and chaos...but now baby and I are accustom to the chaos...I think!

**Funny side note.. We went to a follow up Dr's appointment about a week later and laughed because it was our first time out as a family of 6!!  Sounded crazy, but we also realized that the chik-fil-a didn't have seating for a family of 6. So we had to send our 2 oldest to sit on their own...we had a good laughed over that crazy little fact.