Sep 23, 2008

Doting Parents

Ok I know blogs often times turn into parents doting upon their lovely children, so I apologize in advance that I haven’t blogged anything noteworthy as of late, but being a new mother kind of burns brain cells on top of exhausting you, so I haven’t wanted to take the time to actually think and apply myself anyway.

So we went to get Ella & Asher’s portraits taken last week, so Asher is just 2 weeks old in these photos and Ella is 28 months. But I do have to be an annoying doting mother, because I do think my kiddies are pretty cute, so I thought I’d share….

Sep 5, 2008


(This is a rare picture...he isnt really alert like this, Ned just got really lucky...)
Pre Surgery & the big weigh in (NOT for me, thank goodness)...

Our first moments together as a family...

My Mosaic

So Ned took the liberty of asking me a few questions, and little did I know he was making my personalized mosaic. So not that anyone is interested, but here is my mosaic. The questions are at the bottom...
1. What is your first name? Heidi
2. What is your favorite food? Japanese Teppan Grill
3. What school did you go to? Cal State Bakersfield
4. What is your favorite color? Yellow, Green & Blue
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Ewan McGregor
6. Favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper
7. Dream vacation? New Zealand
8. Favorite dessert? Ice Cream (Strawberry #1)
9. What you want to be when you grow up? Mother
10. What do you love most in life? My Family
11. One word to describe you. Indescribable
12. Your nickname. Hide