Apr 28, 2010

Family Home Evening-- Kings and Queens...and MODELING, eh?

So for Family Home Evening we talked about how we are all kings & queens (AND princesses, Ella assured us). We made crowns for the kids and had our little lesson. Of course, like most FHE activities, it somehow turned south when Daddy and Ella decided to do a modeling session!
My sweet little KING and QUEEN!

Apr 8, 2010


My girl...
...loves Easter
...loves her cowGIRL boots
...and my BOY thinks its necessary to close his eyes now for EVERY picture

Apr 7, 2010

"Disney on Ice" New Years Day

Way delayed, but WAY fun! Thanks mom!
Cousin Claire and Ella thought it appropriate to kiss by the princesses (Cute!)
Ella LOVING the princesses of course...
Me and my mom and sisters (Sarah's missing)
We totally did NOT plan this...so thought it was hilarious when we all got together and matched...
CRAZY Jail Birds..

Girls Weekend St. George

So my "BFF's" Best Friends Forever (for those who didn't live in the 80's), all took a long overdue GIRL'S WEEKEND back in January to St.George, Utah (a kinda central meeting point for all of us). Although Joy came from North Carolina. I have so much to write about, so many fun things happened...but lets just say we had a blast, we needed it, and are gonna have to do it again.
Love you girls!

Ella's first hair cut

Her "CLASSIC" picture LOVIN it, cant you tell...
Pre-cut. It was actually pretty long, it curled at the end so doesnt look as long as it really was.

Apr 5, 2010

My Baby Boy....

He is such a mama's boy. What kid is tempted to look for their mom while in a bounce house...my baby boy, Asher. He cant stand to let me leave the room. He hangs on my leg while I get ready in the morning. Shouldn't I be grateful instead of going insane?