Sep 24, 2011

Only 13 weeks and we ARE HAVING A.......

So at the start of last week (Monday) I had an ultrasound at my 13th week. I went in (by myself) thinking that it was just a standard ultrasound, just to make sure things were OK and going smoothly, which they are!!! Most important thing right there.

Well as I am sitting with the technician she goes, "Oh, well, hello, so I don't know if you wanted to know what you are having or not, but you are getting a good little sneak peak right now."  And I look over and sure enough....So I said, "Well I did want to know, but even if I didn't I don't think it would be easy to not find out at this point."

There was our LITTLE GUY with his legs wide open and well, um, how do I say it appropriately, showing his "stuff".  She had a lot of great pictures and positions, but of course she actually had to hit the take button to get them, so I was sad we didn't get many great pictures (just so I could show Ned) but just a few pictures.

She then was very careful to say, "NOW I must say you are only 13 weeks, so I cant guarantee anything and I would for sure get another ultrasound, but I'm pretty sure."  Then the remainder of the time she kept saying, oh HE is waving, oh HE is flipping, oh HE is a wild one.  So though I debated announcing it to the world so early I feel pretty confident.

The main question everyone has & does ask me is...What did you want?  Honestly we didn't care either way at all, especially since we have both a boy and a girl. BUT we feel very happy we are having a boy for the following reasons:
  • this baby will be closest to Asher (our youngest) so it will be nice they will have a play Buddie
  • Ned loves hunting, camping, hiking, etc. So another boy for those boys trip will be GREAT!
  • Scott (Ned's dad) is the only male left in his family, Ned only has 2 sisters so he is the only male, and Asher was the only male in our family, so we are very excited for another boy to carry on the BROBERG name!
  • Asher is thrilled to have a brother!  (Brownie) yes he is STILL insisting that we name our baby Brownie.  That was the first thing he said, so we may have a nickname (whether we like it or not) for this baby.  Ella wasn't too thrilled since she really wanted a sister, BUT I told her she is just like Olivia, who she loves, and has 2 little "bothers". She thinks that is pretty funny.
So here's our BOY!

So I am now 14 weeks (in my 2nd trimester) still feeling sick but MUCH better than I have been. Still have a LONG way to go, and it has already seemed like forever!  But this news seriously made me glow and just SO HAPPY! It was wonderful to be so unexpectedly surprised with such fun news.  

(Thanks Dad & Maria C. for helping out with my kiddos for the day!  Grateful to generous people!)

Sep 8, 2011

Announcement Number Three

Announcement  Number Three..Or wait, is this suppose to say, "We have an announcement, it is baby # 3"

So yes if you have seen me lately and I look tired, exhausted, sick OR all of the above, it is probably because I AM tired, exhausted, and SICK!

We are just 12 weeks along (or 3 months pregnant) and I have never had such LONG weeks as these in my entire life!!!!

We decided to spread the news because people started asking if we were pregnant or when we would have another, etc.  And I have a really hard time lying to some of my family & friends knew already and so the word started getting out AND I have been extremely sick this pregnancy, which has limited some of my time & activities.  Being so sick is also REALLY odd because I was NEVER sick with my other two pregnancies with Ella or Asher.  So on top of all the regular sicknesses our family has been blessed with, see HERE for more on that, I have also had extremely bad morning sickness. Except again it's pretty "funny" because I don't typically get sick in the morning, its usually late afternoon/evening time (so "nighttime sickness". My dinners haven't been staying down too well, and well life has been hard.

So we found out we were expecting the day we got home from our Yosemite vacation (so yes I was prego in Yosemite and didn't even know it) and then everything with my nephew happened, so it was just odd timing, but we figure after the amount of time we tried it must have been God's plan for this to happen now, so here we are!  And grateful that now Will is HOME!

The kids are pretty excited and actually get it. They also NOW like to pretend to vomit/dry heave quite a bit which is kinda funny, because they always suddenly need to "throw up, really bad!" they never do and just laugh after they pretend. Really fun for me.  Asher also decided that he wants a boy, and Ella wants a girl. But Asher wants to name our boy or girl BROWNIE!  We will have to see about that one.

So there you have it!

Sep 2, 2011

Trying New Things

So many of my (WAY to kind, generous, and positive) friends tell me, "You are such a great mom"  and my honest immediate thoughts are, "You really have NO idea, do you?!?!?!?!"

So with that being said, I wont elaborate much on my faults, shortcomings, and lack of patience (we could go on and on and ON) but rather on the positive things I have been focusing on and trying to change.

With the start of my first in school, things have really changed around our house, and one change I am trying to implement (which also makes me happy) is schedules.

So one of the first things this new "school year" we are working on is CHORES.  I grew up doing chores and think it is SO important for kids to have and UNDERSTAND responsibility in the home and family.  We all need to know we contribute and participate and work together as a family.  Yes this is harder to do when your kids are 5 & 3. But I have already found that they thrive on the responsibility and really step up, and (for the time being) actually ENJOY doing their chores. Go figure.

So check out what my kids age appropriate chores are, for ideas on how to implement this into your own family. (It is also editable, so you can make your own from this template).