Jan 14, 2015


So one of my best friends messaged me and said Heidi I have been checking your blog for updates and haven't seen ANYTHING in FOREVER.  So for that I apologize. I left everyone hanging here!  Sorry!  
I have just decided my life is SO busy and crazy with 4 kids and I really just need to be present for these sweet (wild, crazy, exhausting) kids.  

So I have been posting pictures on INSTAGRAM (so follow me!) and those posts go to FB as well. So that's my updates.  I haven't decided yet if I am going to stop blogging completely but I know I am not going to be on here so much.  I don't know that anyone really follows here except a few people and since I do the kids update on Insta and so forth I will go there.

With all that being said the last time I blogged was when the kids ended school last YEAR.  Here they already are in a new home, new school, new grade and a new year! 

Ella is a beautiful lil gal, full of spunk, attitude and drama.  She is doing well in school. Is in dance, gymnastics (yes again), and soccer.  She loves to read and just finished the first Harry Potter book in about a week.  She is in 3rd grade and loves socializing with her friends.

Asher is still the comic relief of our family.  He is getting more temperamental in his old age (6 ha ha) but still makes us laugh a lot. He just started art classes with my dad (Boppy) and loves it!  He played soccer as well but didn't love it. I am hoping that may change as he gets bigger.
Tate is still the most gentle of my children (even with Emmett in the mix).  He is typically (not always) very sweet and loving. He loves being a big boy. So he loves going to nursery now at church. He loves playing with his little buddies (other 2, 3 and 4 year olds).  He loves to talk and everyone is amazing at how well he talks for a 2 year old!  He carries full conversations with adults and expects answers.  We keep talking about potty training but we have helped him with his "corkys" yet??
Emmett is the sweetest big head chunky baby EVER!  He seriously is so lovey and cuddles like crazy. It is SO SO sweet.  He is the best little baby although he is super duper wild already. He is determined and stubborn and ALWAYS gets into trouble (more than any of my kids).  Climbing stairs, pulling open drawers, eating baby wipes, toilet paper.... he is a rascal.  He head is the 99% but he is still is a cute, cute guy. People stop me everywhere to tell me how darn cute and happy he is!  
 So amongst our daily little trials and challenges we are SO happy and blessed. We love our new home, area, school and ward.  We are just enjoying life and learning as we go.