Dec 4, 2011

Matt's Lake Perris Triathlon & Family Fun

Many of you know we live right next to Lake Perris (about 1 mile) so we walk over frequently to enjoy some quiet time.  Back in October we had the privilege of having my sister in-law (Katie, Ned's younger sister) and her family to come stay with us, because her husband Matt was doing the Lake Perris Triathlon.  He is a super athlete and we are proud of him!  He did a LONG swim, a bike, and run! PHEW! It made me tired just watching!  But we were so happy they came to stay.

A funny story is the night before we went by to get Matt's bib, etc. So we walked the kids down to the water and let them soak their feet. In TRUE ASHER fashion, we had our eyes away from him for just 1 minute and sure enough he had stripped down, stark naked, and ran and jumped head first into the water (NO he does not know how to swim). Ned was laughing so hard, I had to yell at him to get our son before he swam out and drown. I didn't have my camera unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) to record this memorable outing.
Here is Matt coming out of the water
The swim just looked miserable to me
Getting set for the run...
Starting on his run (I missed his bike pictures, because he was to fast)

My beautiful niece Madison (with poppers on her head)
Tyler aiming with his poppers
Don't know who had more fun cheering on spectators and with poppers the kids, or Ned & I...
Ella and her ROCK ON fingers, don't know where she got that from, but it's hilarious!

Ella looking awfully tired after staying up WAY late the night before
Little Mason...
Coming in AFTER the run & everything... he raced with a bunch of cousins and came in 1st
Both feet off the ground, pretty impressive!

Ella, Madison & Asher cuddling up to watch a movie the night before! I LOVE this picture because he LOVES his cousins SO much and they are SO sweet to him too!
CUTE cousins!!


  1. Cousins are so fun. No doubt a memorable time.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Heidi! You are so sweet!! I've been anxiously waiting to see your cute self and belly!!!! POST PICS MISS!!!!!!! the "rock on" pic of Ella! :)