Dec 29, 2011

The EVE of Christmas Eve

I had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Being just so tired, prego, and running around heading to the Mission Inn Festival of Lights on Christmas Eve Eve really helped. I left feeling so happy and full of "Holiday Cheer"!

Some of the fun things we did:
Simple Simon's, Fake Snow, Horse Drawn Carriage Ride,  Donuts, Candied Nuts, Scary Elf pictures, real Reindeer, Candy store, act like babushka's (yes my family is sometimes strange, but it makes for fun).
Isn't this like the best (The Christmas Story) classic picture or what?  I love my nephew Ryan & my Ella together, they are hilarious!  (PS there was a CREEPY elf statue in the background, so we think they both were afraid).
Adorable kids (Asher, Ella & Ryan) on the 1 horse open sleigh ride.
Silly faces in front of the Gingerbread house

Asher literally lookin' up to his Nana
Boppie & Ella petting the cute dogs on the street
Ella all bundled up, LOVING having Ryan all to her self and holding hands, she just adores him!
Enjoying the candy shop (IF only this was true!)

Cousins on the sleigh ride
Ella enjoying the SMELL of the carriage ride
Nana & Ella enjoying the fake snow
It was so dark, that until I took of picture of Asher's cowboy boots (he insisted on wearing) did we realize that he had them on the wrong feet ALL NIGHT...LOL
Some of the lights at Mission Inn
Babushka Nana
Lil' babushka Asher

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