Dec 22, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Broberg's

SO we never got around to Christmas Cards this year, so sorry, and this is the best I am gonna be able to do this year.

Family Update/Newsletter:
Obviously the biggest family news is that we are expecting our 3rd baby on March 13th 2012. We know the date because like my other 2 he will be a scheduled c-section.  We are so excited for this baby boy to join our family.  Ella is still NOT happy and in a little bit in denial that it was not a baby girl.  But I think Daddy & Asher are SUPER excited for another guy around...there are enough girls with Ella & I anyway.

Ned is still working for a non-profit company in San Bernardino County as a therapist (mostly working with children and their families).  He completed his 3,000 hours back in May, but due to California having 1 (YES ONE) person to review hours he still has not received his "official" MFT license, although we are awaiting the news any day now.  Then he has to pass the state test and he will be a licensed MFT. It has been a LONG road (college, masters, hours, and lots of low pay working) to get us to this point, so we are ever so anxious for this to happen.

STILL adjusting to being a stay at home mom since January of last year.  Enjoying AND struggling through the ups and downs of motherhood and having a kid in school now (seems weird still).  I was volunteering in Ella's class, but it was too much with Asher & being pregnant.  So now just staying busy at home and still TRYING to workout (although I think it wont be much the next few months).

Started kindergarten and is loving school.  She was Academic student of the month the first month of school and enjoys learning and is doing well in school. Now we just need to focus on her talking in class. I think (like her mom) she has been blessed with the "chatty girl" syndrome.
She also started playing soccer, which she has NOT enjoyed as much as mom would like her to and asked to stop and return to dance class. So maybe in a few years we will try again, but we are letting her begin dance again after the new year.  She is definitely our girly girl!  Favorite color pink, loves Barbies, wants to open a hair salon with her cousin Marissa when she grows up, and she insists on wearing skirts as often as with her possibly being our only girl, we typically let her live out her girly-ness!

For sure the comic relief of our family. At only 3 he DAILY cracks us up with his silly antics, his sweet words, and his crazy faces and actions (not that he doesn't have nasty faces, and naughty things to say). He is pretty much ALL BOY! He is wild, never stops, loves getting dirty. Loves pulling worms apart, catching roly-poly's, and getting his clothes as dirty as he can throughout the day. We typically in a week: go to Chick-fil-A for toddler time to do crafts, story-time at the library (he has a hard time sitting still for all the stories).  He is anxious to start school like his big sister, so more than likely will start pre-school sometime after the new year (which will be a nice break for mommy and baby anyway).  He also wants to start sports, but being only 27lbs (smaller than most his younger cousins) we have been working with doctors on maintaining and watching his weight.  He is just a tiny guy, with a big head (we tease that he is our bobble head boy) but a CUTE one!

We just feel grateful to have our health, blessings, family, and friends. After a long year (esp. with our struggles with our little nephew William: we just feel grateful to have all that we do. We KNOW we are blessed and thank all our friends and family for being a part of our lives and for supporting us!

Until next year and our future endeavors!


  1. Your family is so beautiful! It was fun reading about your year and how well you're doing. We miss you guys.

  2. LOVE it!! thanks for sending me the link. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!

  3. Heidi, you did more card than me! And I loved reading about your wonderful family. I am also due to have a boy in March, with my 6 year old daughter still praying for a girl- she was so diss appointed to be having another brother! Merry Christmas to your whole amazing family- especially little Will! Love ya!

  4. Merry Christmas! We love hearing about your family!

  5. I know I've said it at least a 1000 times - but you have one of the most beautiful families out there. Thanks for being the good people you are - its about time for another Utah trip isn't it?