Nov 1, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I must say I am a little (ok lots) happy that Halloween is over. It is not my favorite holiday.  But the kids sure love it, don't they?

With that being said I do try to "do" all the things a here say good mother does.  So among costumes and trick or treating with cousins, and church trunk or treat we also try to hit up the Pumpkin Patch.  

Our 2 year tradition now has been Live Oak, which is the best around although the prices still just dumbfound me. 

So here's to 2012:
 These 2 cute guys just made my night. Don't you love em!?
Ella seemed to think she was the #1 perfect pumpkin picker


  1. That first "cut-out" photo of Tate kills me!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the 2012 photo, especially the little witchy.