Aug 24, 2010


So we just discovered Ned's OLD SCHOOL GI Joe's from the 80's they are hilarious! Their legs keep breaking off because the rubber bands are so OLD. Anyway I found one in my purse the other night and my family thought they were hilarious. So my brother took a picture with his new apple i-phone (I don't know what they are called) and he calls this picture "Welcome to Benihana" from the GI JOE...


  1. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDEE!!! Remember when we used to make zip lines down the stairs at your apartment for the GI Joes? Or we'd tie string from them to a plastic grocery bad and make them para-troopers?? haha Good times and LOTS of memories from that apartment!! Like the time we we're running around in the LA "river" and Amy's friends were talking about the kids who were gonna be in trouble if the cops saw, only for her to turn and look to see her brother and cousin. hahahaha SOOOOOOOOOOO many more memories!

  2. Ha Ha! Making ratfs out of popsicle sticks to send the GI Joes down the "river". No wonder we are the only bald ones of the bunch!

  3. lol I was seriously thinking about how we are now that you mention it that makes sense.

    Don't forget about the kid who said we stole his football only to get in a fight in front of the apartment and your mom come out and yell to scare him away. Crazy poofy haired white lady! lol