Jul 18, 2008

The Death of Dora & Boots (O.C. Fair)

The JOY.....

and the flush.....
Yes we flushed our first goldfish. We went to the Orange County Fair with my parents and Ella had a blast. She won 2 stuffed animals, AND TWO goldfish (with a little aquarium, so as you can imagine, as any 2 year old would be, she was thrilled!!! She named them Dora & Boots (her obsession as of late). Well we are proud to say that Dora (the gold fish) is still alive n' kicking...but Boots only made it two days. Daddy tried to sneak him out (after we found him floating belly up) but Ella was insitant on knowing what he was doing. And we tried to hide it from her, but she kept asking "WHERE IS BOOTS" "WHERE IS THE OTHER FISHY" She noticed and there wasnt much we could do, so we explained FISHY HEAVEN, which she now talks about daily.

So this blog is in memory of the grey goldfish BOOTS!


  1. That is hilarious! Of course Ella is too smart to let you get one by her:)

  2. oh- poor little Ella!! I love 'fishy heaven', that's hilarious!

  3. The big flush huh? Well Boots and Mr. Sparkle will be very happy together in fishy heaven... though I do remember you swearing no pets including fish. Thus it begins. :)

  4. Hey Heidi! Wow! Your pregnancy is flying by, how exciting!! You all look so good! Ella is adorable, and looks so much like a Todd!

  5. AnonymousJuly 26, 2008

    HA!! That's RAD!! Poor little BOOTS, I am sure one day you can pretend BOOTS comes back?!! JK! Ok...sorry!! Your ELLA is stinkin CUTE!! ;)

  6. We have killed so many pets in this house but the first one was the hardest. Punx was not much older than Ella.

    I actually filmed the death accidentally. I had covered the bowl with a towel to surprise him in the morning with a new fish. It didn't last the night. I got the camera out to record his reaction to his new pet fish and instead recorded the unveiling of a dead fish to my son. He tapped the bowl and said, "Wake up fishy." I knew I had to tell the truth because I was on film.