Dec 28, 2007

Christmas Fun

We had a great Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at Boppy & Nana’s with the Todd Family cousins. We painted ornaments, colored paper, read books. Then Christmas Day was spent at the Broberg's, with all the Woolley cousins.

It was as if it was Ella's very first Christmas because she just had so much fun opening presents, yelling for joy, and running around like a wild child with all her cousins. She couldn’t have had a better Christmas.

She really thinks she is a princess with her new Dora chair.


  1. Ella gets cuter every time I see her!! Her cute personality is beginning to show in the pictures. :} Take care and keep in touch!!

  2. Hey, nice blog! Now, get one or two posts up a month, that's your challenge! (:

  3. Hey Heidi and Ned... just wanted to write and say how much I love your blog and I am so glad you have one. Make sure to link ours... though I too have to admit I bit off of your black background because it was so stinking cute. Sorry :)

  4. Hey we just found your blog from your post to GK and Susanna's blog! We are so excited that you guys are bloggers too :)


  5. Hi! We just found your blog. We're so excited about your baby. Ella is adorable. Happy blogging. We're so happy to be able to stay caught up a little better.