Mar 3, 2009

John's Incredible is Incredible

Boppie, Nana & Ella (with her sticker chart)

Asher with his Pirate patch (not loving it so much)
Ryan & Ella (they also think they are bro. & sis) Uncle Wesy & a huge hug
I told Ella to hold up her chart (I didnt, however mean perfectly in front of her face)

So Ella got a lil' chore chair: brush her teeth, to bed without crying, cleaning up, helping with Asher, etc... So she finally got the stickers filled up so we took her to John's Incredible Pizza, not the greatest, but all you can eat Pizza buffet (any type of pizza, including PEANUT BUTTER PIZZA...yum...actually its YUCK! but if you want it you got it!). They have games, and a play area for younger kids, or whimpy kids, like Ella.
But most importantly we had family...ELLA LOVES HER FAMILY (on both and all sides) but this night she got to spend with my family (Todd side) and she was so so excited about that.


  1. We LOVE John's. I agree that it isn't the best pizza, but who can complain about all you can eat with games and ice cream and all sorts of entertainment!? Kaiden likes to just walk around and watch everyone else play. Fine by me. :}

  2. I've never been there but have heard about it before. You can tell she loves her family!

  3. I LOVE John's!! I MISS John's!!! U have the most beautiful children!!!

  4. Im sad we couldnt make it. We need to get together soon

  5. We went to John's just last week with Wes, April, and Jill and Paul. I've been really wanting to try it out. It was fun! So much bigger than Chuck E Cheese. I saw the peanut butter pizza but just couldn't bring myself to try it. I think that's great that you're already teaching Ella responsibility with her little chore chart.