Jun 15, 2009

San Francisco.Five Years.No Kids.Long Weekend. FUN!

FIVE Year Anniversary
San Francisco
Long weekend away
Without the kids
Can we go back?!?

A HUGE thanks to our parents who pitched in and watched the kids for us... they had a blast and weren't ready for us to come home either (that is our kids of course, not the parents...ha ha ha)
Here was our itinerary for San Fran...more for our own documentation than anything...but enjoy at your own pleasure.
Day 1:
Arrived at Long Beach Airport EARLY Thursday only to find our flight delayed an hour (of course) finally got there...drove with a CRAZY shuttle driver to our hotel...
Checked into the Sheraton on the Wharf.
Then hit the town. We had lunch at the "fancy cafe" Boudin (there are about 6 different Boudin restaurants, cafes, and sidewalk cafes), we learned the hard way and accidentally ran up to the most expensive one first, we were starving, but enjoyed it nonetheless with a GREAT view of the bay.
We LOVE calamari and ate to our hearts content...then decided to pull off the breading to show everyone what we were really eating so a few people would be disgusted...I couldn't eat them after we pulled off the breading but Ned had no problem.
They create VERY cute bread creatures. We would have loved to have gotten Ella the alligator or lobster, but settled with a mini turtle because of price...see picture below.

Then we got lost in a few unique places in town. The old arcade house, which had very old, and hilarious may I add, arcade games.

We did the kiss-o-meter...which you have to kiss the WHOLE TIME it gages your kiss (its like 2 minutes, good practice for our anniversary weekend to remember how to kiss that long) and it tells you how your kiss is. We were excited we still can get passionate after 5 years and 2 kids...ha ha ha
Then we ventured out and explored a few things in the bay (please note Ned's anchor poses in true San Fran spirit!):
  • (USS Pampanito and SS Jeremiah O'Brien: Pier 45, just behind The Franciscan restaurant. The World War II Balao-class Fleet submarine, restored to late 1945 vintage sits next to the Jeremiah O'Brien, a fully-restored, operating, World War II Liberty Ship. )
  • San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park: Run by the National Park Service, the Hyde Street Pier museum provides a good overview of San Francisco's maritime history. Exhibits include the ferryboat Eureka (possibly the largest floating wooden vessel in the world), the C. A. Thayer and the Balaclutha.

We then headed to Ghirardelli Square to enjoy people watching, and, oh yeah, some GREAT ice cream! I am not a super chocolate person though, so of course I got strawberry, with a chocolate dipped cone.

Then tired from the flight and a long day we headed back to our hotel room to relax outside by the fire pits they have for the guests.
I think that is all for Day 1...Days 2&3 to follow...


  1. How fun! Can't wait to see what you did the rest of the time! That video in the arcade is just a little creepy, BTW;)

  2. Sounds like it was an eventful first day!!! Our anniversary is coming up, you gsve me some great ideas!!

  3. Happy Five Years!! What fun you have been having. I love going to San Fransico. There is lots to do and fun things to see. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  4. Congratulations on five years!! It was so fun to read all your little explanations of the photos. Passionate kissers after 5 years...whoo, hoo!!

  5. Did you guys sing the theme song for Full House the whole time you were there......"What ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening t.v.?"

    -Weston B.