Jul 15, 2009

The Mom's 50th B-day Dinner

my whole family got together on July 1st for my mom's 50th birthday. It was so nice to have EVERYONE together for this wonderful event. My mom is a wonderful person who lives life to fullest. She is anything BUT 50th. In fact she often acts like a 20 yr. old...and that is why we love her and always have so much fun...HAPPY 50th Mia Madra!

The whole fam..

our fam..

og fam pics

awkward fam pic (yes were crazy)

with the grand kids

After playing in the water...

AND what happens when I leave my children (especially Ella) alone with their Aunt Apey for uh... about 1 minute...

It is Nifty you are 50!
50 things we love about Annette Krause Todd
1. You are young at heart.
2. Always willing and ready to have a good time. Such a good sport!
3, 4, 5 & 6. Your children all agree you are the PERFECT travel partner.
7. You are willing to try to new things.
8. You are adventurous!
9. You are a true nerd at heart.
10. You are incredibly smart.
11. You are successful.
12. You have the perk of being beautiful on top of all that!
13. You made growing up FUN.
14. You always made learning fun (remember Island of the Blue Dolphins at Westwind?)
15. You have always been easy to talk and laugh with.
16. You are hip n' fashionable.
17. You love learning.
18. You value education.
19. You instilled this value in your children.
20. You are proud to be an AMERICAN.
21. You set goals.
22. You accomplish your goals.
23. You have great taste in music.
24. You have encouraged you children to be very independent and go out and DO.
25. You love your heritage.
26. You are a genealogist.
27.You are a good sister...
28...and you expect no less from us.
29. You love to laugh, especially late at night:)
30. Regardless of what others think or say, you do what you want, when you want.
31. You still say "pop" and remain true to your Utah heritage.
32. Yet, you love California for all it's glory.
33. You are a fabulous aunt and always make an effort to stay connected with extended family.
34. You are a good, supportive wife.
35. You are enthusiastic about everything you do.
36. You love libraries.
37. You are a voracious reader (and listener).
38. You are globally aware.
39. You love to travel.
40. You live in the moment.
41. You have a firm testimony of Gospel truths.
42. You are a super NANA!
43. Each grandchild has arrived and you love them so powerfully, yet, you still have love to give the rest.
44. You love RYAN.
45. You love CARTER.
46. You love ELLA.
47. You love CLAIRE.
48. You love ASHER.
49. Carter loves you because, "You let us do whatever we [grand kids] want."
50. You are the best Mother and you make your children feel happy and loved.
Happy 50Th Birthday! We love you!!


  1. Aunt Apey is awesome!!! Huzah!

    BTW glad to see you fixed your title...

    And man, I love awkward fam. poses!

  2. Your kids are ADORABLE! And yes is the answer to your comment, at the same time. : )

  3. She has always been a happy person!! Jocelynn does gymnastics and will be doing dance in August through the city. It's called KIPS gymnastics. Happy 50th to your mom!

  4. It was so fun seeing you guys. I know Jason loved seeing Ned. And I loved that I got to trick you. Too bad we live somewhat far I think our girls would have so much fun together. Hopefully we will get together one day...no excuses.