Jan 29, 2010

A Stroke of Bad luck

So many people have been wondering where I have been lately. Not returning texts, calls, no F.B., or blogging... so here's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ned and I have had our FOURTH flat tire in a month (yes you heard me right, 4)! Just luck I guess. Two on each car. So after all that frustration and time....

I picked Ella up from preschool during the bad rains last week, with Asher in the car as well. And took my regular route (shortcut streets) home. Well not thinking proactively I pass a HUGE dip in the road at one point. Of course as I drove through it my entire engine was flooded and covered in water. The car immediately shut down in the middle of the intersection and luckily cruised to the side of the road. At which point my cell phone was not working and I waited TWO HOURS for AAA to come. Asher was so tired and upset he cried himself to sleep in the car. April & Wes (After an hour and a half ordeal got the kids and took them home to nap). And I waited longer, ready to pee my pants in the pouring ran, got the car TOWED home a few hours later.

Next day I'm going to pick up a new battery for my broken car to see if that will help. Driving on the freeway (not raining mind you). And I got a ticket for speeding (going 67 mph) on the freeway. I couldn't believe it! The cop even said well 67 is not 65 and you were speeding, as people were flying past me. I felt like I was in a movie, it was crazy. There was nothing I could do or say to help the situation and I felt so shafted. I mean I have speed before where I totally deserve a ticket (I wont lie or anything), but in this particular incident I was NOT SPEEDING! At this point I just starting crying and was so upset (o.k. hysterical) and thinking cut me a break already (and to make matters, uh, more ironic, I was listening to my scriptures/bible in the car at the time, REALLY?!)

All the while the kids have been sick, Ned threw out his back and couldn't walk or lift the kids or anything for about a week, Ella wasn't sleeping through the night (isn't, I should say) again, so Ned and I are taking turns with her walking her back to her room from about 3am to 5:30am most nights. So yesterday morning after a LONG night and then FIGHTING to get her dressed to get to preschool, she just kept crying and saying she wanted to stay in her pj's. I finally got her dressed and to school a 1/2 hour late, only to realize I hadn't gotten the memo it was PAJAMA DAY. Seriously! "Isn't it Ironic, don't ya think?"

Then yesterday we got a call and email from our VISA credit card company stating that our credit card number was stolen and someone was making charges. This is the 4th time this has happened. Needless to say we are closing this account for good.

With all that being said I am SO SO SO BLESSED and so so so:
  • Grateful for a WONDERFUL (perfect!) husband that decided I needed AAA a few months ago.
  • Grateful for family willing to help me out in a pinch.
  • Grateful for "A" singular mode of transportation.
  • Grateful for two beautiful children (who drive me crazy and leave me sleep deprived) but who also give me the most joy I have ever experience in my life and are my greatest source of happiness.
  • Grateful for a husband who will stay up under the hood of a car until 2am trying to figure out what the problem is.
  • Grateful for a home to keep us warm and safe from the rain, wind, and world.
  • And grateful to God who loves me unconditionally and gives me trials and challenges so I can continually grow and progress!


  1. Wow! That sounds like a lot. I'm sure lack of sleep makes it all worse. Jocelynn hasn't been sleeping well since transition to a bed. James and I have had to take turns also walking her back to her room. You are so positive. Hopefully that means good things are coming around the corner.

  2. Oh my dear, the stress is so real; but so are the blessings. This entry is a good analogy of our entire lives on earth....keep looking at that bigger picture!

  3. I commented on your facebook, but I'll comment on here too. I thought the short version was bad! So sorry you had to go through all that! But glad you can still see the blessings from it all...I'm just learning that myself...

  4. OMG- I'm so sorry! I think the most heartbreaking part for me was when Asher cried himself to sleep! That's gotta hurt!..knowing that there was really nothing you could do to soothe him...:( poor baby..poor Heidi...Big "ups" to you for recognizing the blessings..& hoping February brings you happier, calmer days!

  5. So needless to say tonight will be nice to go to the temple. Gosh like I have said before I dont know how you do it.

  6. Sorry friend, that sounds rough. Glad we met up last week, we need to do it more often!

  7. I love your family pictures from your previous post!!