Sep 7, 2010

Asher's BUZZ Birthday!

A BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Birthday for our Bubba Buzz...
(he LOVES BUZZ in case you cant tell from his face)
Swimming in Nana & Boppies mini pool with cousins.
And drowning in the pool (look at his face) and look at dad's pants. He still doesn't get how to stand up yet even though he can reach...
CRAFTS with cousins (Claire loving her crown)
And one of the presents from mom (of course mostly potty training supplies, can you tell what I WANT!) ha ha ha
And his two newest cousins who seemed to enjoy the party too
(Peyton-April & Wes's & William- Dan & Sarah's)


  1. What a fun his cake! Also love that he got stuff for potty-training, too funny!!

  2. It was a great party! I love all the pics!