Dec 3, 2010

It all started with a COLD

So a few weeks ago I came down with the seasonal cold. No biggie. So I tried to do what your suppose to do (resting part was a little harder than the OJ, vitamin C, lots of water, washing hands extra, etc.), but figured "aint no thang".

Well 3 WEEKS later I was still sick. My muscles were all so sore from coughing up a lung, congested and missing tons of work and church I just still felt pretty bad! But still was determined NOT to go to the doctors.

My sister in-law Sarah teases me because I hate going to the doctors & try to avoid it at all costs (for a number of reasons, not fear). BUT I HATE:
  • paying the ridiculous copays
  • waiting in the waiting room for 2 hours, then seeing a doctor for 2 minutes
  • having a doctor reiterate what I just told them & could have diagnosed myself
But this time Ned said you NEED to go to the doctor you aren't getting better. So after breathing became a little more difficult I finally called the dr. and asked for an inhaler (Still didn't go in ha ha ha). So got a $50 inhaler which helped but still not better after a few days.

I FINALLY sucked it up and went to URGENT care yesterday. And after paying HUGE copay, waiting for HOURS, a doctor came in and within 2 minutes said I had:

SEVERE infection of BRONCHITIS & a nice looking sinus infection

So I had a breathing treatment there in the Dr. office. It was HILARIOUS!!! I am hooked up to a machine, Ella is standing on the patient table behind me "doing" my hair (i.e. pulling it hurting my head), Asher is hanging on my legs playing horsey on the floor, LITERALLY pouring runts (candy) into his mouth. I saw this picture in my head (& wish I had a camera) and started laughing so hard that I then started coughing so uncontrollably hard I couldn't keep the machine on, until a nurse came in to ask if everything was OK, which only made me laugh (& cough) all the harder.

So I was thinking I should have taken up my sweet sister in-law (SARAH's) offer on taking one or both of the kids so I could go in on my own. But considering the kiddos were good the nurses were so nice and told them they were SO good and gave them tons of stickers for being great for me.

So anyway I am just excited to have the medicine I need and hopefully be back up and running 100% after a weekend of rest.

I just know I HATE BEING SICK!


  1. You should have called me!! I am glad you finally went in--you can't put a price tag on health! Hope you feel better very soon!

  2. Oh I feel you I had that a while back and it was miserable! I had to do the breathing thing and everything. Hopefully the meds kick in soon.

  3. Man--you are sick...but, the vision in my head of your treatment still has me laughing. I'm glad you could see the humor in the situation...with that good attitude, your body will heal. This Open Enrollment period will end soon and then you can just stay home and play in your piles of money...

  4. I hate when that happens. Been there, done that! Hope you're on the mend for the holidays.

  5. Oh my gosh Heidi, you are crazy!!! I hope you start feeling better soon!