Jan 26, 2011

Am I Amelia Bedelia? Or just cursed...

So if you are my friend on FB then you have probably already heard of my drama in my life! And for some odd reason I just feel like Amelia Bedelia (remember her?) and I feel I cant get anything right as of late...

So I have been SO excited to be a stay at home mom and all the adventures that was to hold, BUT I sure wasn't ready for it to downpour like this. As soon as I finished working, my family & I were ALL SO sick. After a few WEEKS I was ready to get on the road. First day heading to Disneyland in our new MOM MOBILE (safe mini van) we got HIT by someone who slammed into the back our the swagger wagon. We were all safe, the kids were extremely upset about missing Disneyland and cried as the van was being towed away. We are just beginning with all this drama since it just happened 5 days ago. But the guy who hit us, has NO insurance so now we get to pay and have NO car in the meantime.

Then with my DADS CAR today I went to the park to have a picnic with my sister. While out of the car for 5 minutes (I left my purse in the car, yes ignoring promptings to NOT do that) and sure enough the car alarm started going off, I bolted to the car only to find my dad's car handle dangling and the purse GONE. Cell phone, wallet, checks, about $500 worth of gift cards (from Christmas and a previous collection), our Disneyland passes, and on and on and on....ALL GONE! Now we have to change our door locks, our car electronic keys (very costly) and all the other fun things along with this.

I have cried a few times this last week and it hasn't been fun. I am just trying to look at the many blessings I have and find out what my Heavenly Father is wanting me to learn from all this, and I am trying to figure it out FAST so I don't have to deal with #3 anytime soon.


  1. Hang in there. I am aghast at your luck right now. Serious, that all sucks. You are good to be so positive; it gives me hope and a better attitude about my own stuff.
    P.S. I loved the family pictures! Hey you always have your gorgeous looks eh?

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about all the CRAP!!! On the bright side, could it get any worse?? Wishing you all good things from now on in 2011! can we call for a RE-DO?

  3. Oh Heidi...I am soooo sorry. That is simply awful to have to go through. WHy do good people have to go through bad things like that? People make me sooo mad....I hope that doodie head gets caught, and gets what he deserves!!! At least your family is all safe and well, and that is the most important.

  4. Oh Heidi. I can't believe all the things that have happened! Hang in there. You'll have brighter days.

    Buttskins mother

  5. Oh, I hate when my fiascos cost cash. We recently replaced the big buck car keys. What can you say, it had to be done. I could have really used that money on other things. Don't let Satan steal your peace. There will be more happy moments with your children to out way the weirdness. Chin UP!