Jul 15, 2011

My nephew William in critical condition: Update & new blog

Hey my friends, family, & blog followers. Most of you have probably already heard from my fb page, but my sweet little nephew William is VERY VERY sick. He is only 1 and in critical condition. 

Last week we left to Yosemite for our family vacation and on the way up Sarah was telling us lil' Will was sick, we didn't think much of us and let him sleep on it that night. The next morning my dad was sick (ended up passing a kidney stone, in Yosemite) so he went to the urgent care there (which we believe was God's hand) because Dan & Sarah decided to take Will to the urgent care with my dad since he was already going. Immediately they hooked him up on an IV and sent him to Fresno hospital (the closest hospital). After being their and determining his illness (see the new blog I created below for more details) http://williamantoniotodd.blogspot.com/ 
he was then air lifted to CHLA and has been undergoing dialysis, blood transfusions, surgeries, etc. 

It has been horrible to see the suffering of the Todd family (Dan, Sarah, Carter & Claire) are going through. Our family has felt so helpless and frustrated while just waiting.  The one thing we felt we could do was help keep everyone updated on his status and also try to help Dan & Sarah with expenses. Although they do have insurance the copays & deductibles are still very high, and they are spending a lot on gas for back and forth to doctors, specialists, surgeons, home, etc. They are also worried about having to go back to work (Danny has to return next week) and will drive back and forth in the evenings to be with Will, while Sarah will take off as long as financially possibly. 

I know if it was my child I would just die having to go to work while my son was in critical condition. So I started the web page below, and know there are so many generous and caring people out there who would love to help. So please feel free to donate $1 or any amount you'd like.

Most importantly PLEASE pray for baby William daily.  We love him so much! 

I will NOT be posting on updates on my personal blog anymore, so please go to William's blog and follow to be updated on his status.  Thanks again for your prayers at this time.

Here is my first blog post on the new site:

My sweet nephew (Danny & Sarah's 3rd born child) 1 year old William was recently diagnosed with (HUS) Hemolytic-uremic syndrome or e.Coli 0157, the worse kind, including a number of other medical issues resulting from this disorder that usually occurs when an infection in the digestive system produces toxic substances that destroy red blood cells, causing kidney injury.

He was diagnosed at Fresno Hospital & air lifted to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles where he is currently a patient in ICU in critical condition.  He is undergoing dialysis, he has had a complete body blood transfusion, and today has had his first surgery; where it was discovered a major portion of his intestines was dead.  This is the latest news for NOW. He is out of surgery & stable.

William's condition is not good right now, but we all hoping and praying that our will is alignment with God's.

All Danny & Sarah have asked for at this point is sincere PRAYERS on his behalf. And this is the key and most important thing desired.  Please ask any friends or prayers circles you may have to keep William Antonio Todd in their prayers.

I know many of you have contacted them and myself asking how you can help or assist.  And many of you knowing the stress they are under right now is heart wrenching.  The numerous hospital bills that have & will continue to incur (including the air lifting), the driving back & forth, managing their other 2 children, and worrying about their jobs all while trying to spend as much time with William as they possibly can.  In order to help we have set up this fundraiser page to help them with their hospital bills and continue the great care they are receiving.

We all appreciate the out pour of support for our little Will and again thank you for the many, many prayers on his behalf. Please feel free to share this site with friends of Danny's & Sarah's as I know they have told me how grateful they are already for the kindness & blessings they have received from so many caring friends.

Thank you so much for helping this sweet little baby. ANY donation amount is appreciated and goes a long way. Everything goes strictly towards Williams expenses.



  1. I seriously haven't stopped thinking of him and your bros family since I heard earlier last week. Kyle said that I should check updates less frequently because its making me sick worrying about him and I've never met him! I think being a mom (and an icu nurse) makes me even more emotional about it. I can't imagine how hard it would be. My heart goes out to sarah she must be amazingly strong. Thanks for all the updates. Praying for him!

  2. This story just breaks my heart. I'm so sorry to hear this. Shaun and I are keeping him and all of you guys in our prayers. Hope things get better soon.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Trisha-- I know, for Sarah too, she knows from being a nurse, she was so sad when they had to give his the ostomy bag, we thought it was all horrid, but she has never liked those just from being a nurse.

    We just appreciate all the prayers and support we have felt.