Dec 31, 2012

Year in Review (everything I missed earlier)

Ella got Academic Student of the month!

We celebrated Daddy passing his MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist Liscense exam).  Isn't root beer a great way to teach our children (after we were like Hmmm this might look a little funny in pictures of what our newly liscensed MFT father is teaching his children...ha ha ha)

We laughed a LOT with family.  
(Boppie was teaching Oscar the Todd families dog to do circus tricks jumping through a hoop)

Ella went on her first real field trip to the Ocean Insitute
(a little anxious about going on a bus on a rainy day without mom, but ended up LOVING IT!)

Asher loving his new preschool class and learning SO much! 
And his fun field trips to the train station and the first station.
yes that's Asher being uber silly, of course!
Lot's of school performances...

Enjoyed life for the first time as a family of FIVE!
 The kids showed immense love for their new baby brother, Tate!

GOOD BYE 2012!

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  1. Can't say enough about those family photos. Congrats to Ned about his exam. We love you guys! Happy New Year!