Mar 18, 2013

She really does have talent, and nerves of steal

My little miss Ella May performed at her schools talent show!

When Ella's Kindergarten teacher (she is now in 1st grade) called to ask if Ella wanted to be in the talent show with her daughter (a 3rd grader, who Ella idolizes & 3 other 2nd & 3rd graders) I knew she would be thrilled with the opportunity but I didn't know if her nerves would get her through or how she would react.

But she did it and did it AMAZINGLY well with full attitude (easy for her) and spunk doing her best and feeling SO proud of herself and her group.
Her K teacher, Mrs. Padilla (who we love) thought of and taught the girls the cutest pillow head Hokey Pokey and part Hip Hop routine.  IT was hard for the girls (but mostly Ella) to catch on and get the routine down, but after during into a "dance mom" with lots of practice and yelling do it again, by showtime they knew it and had fun and got amazing cheers for the unique performance that wasn't just singing or dancing alone.

I knew it would be hard. But was excited for her to actually experience the hard work and time and effort into something that would produce a fun experience she will always remember and see the rewards that would come from that effort.
I must say I was SO proud of her.

A lot of friends and family came to support her as well.  I know that made her feel SUPER happy and so special.  I know I was so grateful for the support of all her family & friends.
Best Friends from school Alejandra & Madison (and of course crazy Asher) & Evelin & Naomi.
The Girls: Carla, Ella, Clarice, Savannah, Arlene
Cute lil Kyler (Kim & Forrest) also came
Tate & Jovi (Wes, April, Peyton, my mom & Dad & the Team Todd crew too)
Let's see what happens next year when Asher is in Kinder. He says he wants to do it too...ha ha ha


  1. That night was a blast. We'll be there for her (and any of our dear grandchildren) every time they're struttin' their stuff! Ella really was fantastic...I'm still impressed thinking back on her performance.

  2. (And the yogurt afterward was fun too!)

  3. I'm soooo impressed. Wish I could have seen it. Loved the update!