Feb 1, 2009

IPOD recipe: Wash, rinsh, bake or broil at 350*

OK I LOVE my sisters. We always have fun, and always have someone to make fun of (its usually me). And for all those who call ME Blondie (I am brunette now by the way) Hayley is the only blond left (true blond, mom)....so...

She washed her NEW Ipod is the washer today! Yes...sad I know, and why am I laughing...

BECAUSE, she then read on the Internet to cook it in the oven at 350* which SHE DID!

I asked her how long the recipe called for?
And as you can guess the recipe did not turn out to well.

LOVE IT HAYLEY! Love you! Ha Ha Ha...and still laughing.


  1. I'M DYING right now. Funniest thing I've heard in a long time.

  2. I wonder what kind of soap gets the gunk off the screen the best.

  3. I have no response to that

  4. I have to say that I am still undecided if this beats the "30 years of yummy" fortune reading from you:) At least it is a major contender.

  5. Sarah...and still enjoying "30 years of Yummy!" ok...only 29

  6. Shoot... I forgot about 30 years of yummy.. I love that most of all!