Feb 1, 2009

Our Update

So I tend to not post if I don't have any pictures to update, but I have gotten such a hard time for not updating lately, I thought I had to write something...

So this is what our BUSY update will include:
  1. The move from our apartment to our house
  2. Our new little baby (oh yeah, he is now 5 months)
  3. Ned's a new job
  4. I started back to work
  5. Ella is in the official "terrible two" stage

So we are finally making some progress! Ned has determined to paint the house (which is in desperate need of some paint and color) to save us some money. He is doing a GREAT job, but it does take a VERY long time. Anyone can help at anytime...ha ha ha.

We also finally got our couch, which of course didn't fit when we got it, so we are now in the process of changing it out for another one, which we don't love as much, but it fits better.

Ella still doesn't have a bed. She has been sleeping in her play yard thing, which she FINALLY learned how to get out of on her own (yes, she is almost 3!). That is our next major purchase.

Next we will get a kitchen table, so we don't have to eat on our card table anymore. Then some bar stool's, because that will look nice and will be nice to eat our quick breakfast's on...

Then we will stop visiting Lowe's and Home Depot. Or at least I will make Ned go on his own, after these major things are done! I realized I really do hate those "men" stores. I thought I'd enjoy it, and I don't! I also HATE shopping for furniture. Shouldn't that be something a women would like to do? "NO", I answer resoundingly.

Yes he is 5 months already. Huge, cute, and a good baby. He is rolling over. Drooling tons. Always has his hands in his mouth, so always sick. And he LOVES his big sister, he laughs every time Ella enters the room. And he loves to sit in his bumbo chair and watch Barney (BLAH) with her. It is a joy watching him grow.

So Ned, has been at his job a few months now. Not great, but a job, with this economy we are at least grateful for that. He works for a Non-Profit Co. in San Bernardino County counseling children (or parents really) of young children, typically 0-5 yrs. old. He doesn't get paid great, and the co. is not very organized or as well established at he'd like. so he is continuing to look for other jobs to hopefully support the family completely, but making the best of what he is doing at the moment; experience on the resume, a paycheck coming in, and experience while helping others.

4. HEIDI started back to WORK:
I am crying while writing this...boo hoo...no really I have a great job. I enjoy what I do. I have flexibility, and can coordinate things well with the family. But ideally Ned and I would both, obviously, prefer me to be home with the kids. But we know this will only be temporary, and are just working to get where we need to be. We have a wonderful girl, Angela, from church that is watching the kids right now. She has a 4 yr. old son, and a 1 yr. old daughter. And Ella loves them and thinks she is just going over to play everyday. So it has worked out nicely, since she is only 5-10 mins. from our house. (Thanks Jill!) But my sister Hayley may be quitting her job to nanny for us, at least until August (when I am hoping to quit, and she is hoping her hubby will be done with his schooling). It would be such a blessing for us both...but more to be posted as this is a work in progress. :)

5. Ella & the "terrible twos" or almost "Trying threes"
Ella will be three in May, and has the been a lot more difficult lately. She usually is a very good girl, but has gotten a lot more energy, and aggressive energy at that the last few months. Not putting it all on the poor girl. It probably doesn't help that she: has a new brother, moved houses, mommy went back to work, Dada finished school and is now working full-time, and she isn't at her Grammy's house everyday anymore either (that is who watched her when I had to work before, Ned's mom).

So there you have it. And now do I have an excuse for not blogging lately. I think I do...THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :)


  1. have fun with the HD and Lowes trips they NEVER end, especially if you plan on having your kids live in the house with you. We sometimes go there for What Josh considers date night, I am oviously way too easy on him. HD is not a date!!!

  2. Great update Heidi! Ella's super sweet and definitely holds her own with the big boys. I love how she always cries out "Uncle Danny!" whenever she first sees me.

  3. WOW! I loved the update (even without pictures). Its nice to know what you are up to!! I am so sad that you are still working, but COMPLETELY sympathize as I think I probably have a good THREE years of working still until I can be home with my then kindergartener. :} WOW! Patience is a virtue huh!? Im so glad you are in a house and getting settled. It sounds like things are coming together for you.

  4. Thanks for the update. A lot is going on in the Broberg house. That's exciting that Ned found a job in the field he wants, but I understand with wanting more. James continues to look also. The market is scary so that's great that your job is available, although I know you'd rather be home. I can't believe he is already 5 months!

  5. Nice update. I'm glad you live so close now, and especially that we play Bunco every month. One of these times you will win the big money...I promise! :)