May 2, 2009

We are almost 30.....ahhhhhhhhh...and the celebrations...

Yes Ned and I are both 29 this year and it seems a little crazy becasue we are almost 30...that seems way way way too old! What happened? We both still feel like we are 17. Anyone else feel like that?

Anyway Ned is very modest and doesnt say much when his b-day comes, nor does he ever expect anything from anyone, including me. All I have gotten him thus far is a $15 I-tunes sad huh?! He probably is getting a rode bike soon. So his b-day was April 18th. We went to D-land to get our D-land passes with just our little family. Sarah & Danny (my bro & sis in law) took us out to YUMMY yogurt and my parents took us took our favorite teppan he had a nice b-day (I think) are a few pics...
the kiddos lovin each other at D-land (well especially asher loving and laying on big sis ella)

ned, the rents, and crazy ella

mia madre and the kiddos

And just becasue....


  1. I wish I were still 29!! Enjoy it!! Really though, 30 isn't that bad. Stop making the rest of us feel so old!! J/K

  2. My body is 55 going on 75 and there's evidence that my mind might be there too, but my fantasy is 21. If the philosophy holds true "you're as young as you think",I'm there. Congratulations on some fun B-day celebrations. Happy Birthday to you!

  3. You guys are sooooo old! Gosh...30!!! Just kidding, now a days the age is just a number. So if you feel 17, you are 17. Don't worry you guys still look like a hot, young couple. Disneyland is also a fun place to celebrate. Happy belated to you both...wishing you many great years ahead.

  4. I love Disneyland. Ella and Ashton look so happy and cute. Ella always cracks me up.

  5. Sorry Asher! I hate it when I get names wrong.

  6. ha ha ha...I didnt even know, how bad am I as a mom...and actually we were debating between Ashton and Asher...we choose Asher only becasue Ashton is becoming more popular like ella. We thought ella would be so unique now its super popular.