Sep 13, 2009

The "Diaper Dash" disaster and the face of determination

So Ella & Asher both ran (or crawled) in their first race. Many people know my father in-law is an avid marathon (YES, full marathon runner 26.2) and does a couple a year. I have ran ONE full marathon, and for years have done other smaller races (5k/10k/half's). So anyway my family often gets together to run a 5k or other races.

But one of my favorites is the Disneyland race. They have a 1/2 marathon (which is on Sunday, so I have never done it) and a 5k and KIDS this is the first year I put my kids in the races.

Here is Ella preping for her first race:

And here she is running...look at her determined face (you think she might end up a bit competitive like her mom)...and a big thanks to Uncle Wesey and Aunt Apey for acutally running the WHOLE 100 meters with her (Ned was off hunting that day).

and the medal she was SO proud of (for $10 they get a shirt, to run, a medal, AND finish to the characters welcoming them in)...

And then there was the DIAPER DASH! So Asher is ready to walk any day (he can take about 4 steps on his own) so he can crawl like its nobody's business. So we were so exicited to put him in the diaper dash, where they crawl like 5 pads away to their mom). So we thought Asher was going to WORK the competition, especially when we saw him in his start position, like this:

So that wasnt the case. He got half way, then noticed the other kids and just camped he was probably one of the oldest kids AND the LAST one to finish. It was actually hialrious, we were laughing SO HARD, all the other kids were passing him up as he was just chillin on the pad. I finally had to hold his fingers to let him walk and finish.

The kids cheering on NANA (the only adult to run the 5k this year)....sorry mom!

This is also about the one time a year I get to reunite with my good friend, Brandy, from college that I played soccer with from up north.


  1. Looks like fun. I love the races, they are so exciting!

  2. Your kids are so cute Heidi. I love Ella's determination face lol.

  3. Ella truly is a doll in her race outfit!! I love it! We are definitely going to have to join you next year!

  4. This is my first time visiting your blog so naturally I had to check it all out. First I just need to say that I was DYING over the pictures of the cake in the bathtub...that seriously had me laughing out loud!!!

    We are totally on for next years Disney 5K!! I love that race too! I would love to do a half marathon, but as I'm knocked up at the moment that will have to wait about a year, but I know who I am going to call for running advice when the time comes!

  5. I love this fun racing post. You're kids are so cute and I can just imagine your joy. Keep on running!

  6. That was so cute! We want to do it next year. So let me know when it is.